City of Water Day 2011
Sebago Canoe Club goes to City of Water Day 2011. TQ & I camped out & were joined by a couple of friends on a paddle back to Sebago the next day.

We launched from Red Hook; we had a speedy & uneventful paddle to Gov's I; we looked at exhibits, watched friends Milton, Todd & Steve do a Greenland rolling demo, and just generally relaxed & ate good food & had a laid back day. Around 4:30, all paddlers but TQ & I launched for the trip back to Red Hook. TQ & I camped out with a bunch of other paddlers & then a bit before noon, TQ, Milton, Nancy & I headed for Jamaica Bay. TQ had to bail-out partway; a brisk quartering wind rendered the Coney Island leg very challenging; we finally got back to the basin around 6 and were out & washing boats by 6:30. I think I have a new rule of thumb for trips involving the southern shore of Coney - no-go if I see winds over 10. Just gets to be too much like work.
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