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☂Peide Ion stick Water Treatment☂Changzhou Peide Ion stick Water Treatment | by 洛洛离
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☂Peide Ion stick Water Treatment☂Changzhou Peide Ion stick Water Treatment

Peide Ion stick water treatment

Trade mark: Peide

Original: China

Model: PDL

MOQ:1 set

Material: carbon steel,304ss or 316L

Payment: T/T

Price: Negotiable

Port: Shanghai

Shipping terms: by sea, air or express

Production time: 2-5workdays

Production capacity: 2500pcs/year

Package: Composite wooden

Certificate: ISO9001:2008

An other product of Integrated ion stick


Working principle

Prevent scale

Ion stick can produce high-pressure electrostatic filed which will change the electronic structure of water molecules. Water dipole will surround the anion and cation and it arrange in a chain condition which prevent the anion and cation move freely. The cation get away from the wall preventing the calcium, magnesium ions getting together on the wall.


Remove scale

The effect of high-pressure electrostatic filed will change the bonding of scale molecules to achieve improving the dissolving rate. Then, the scale will erode by itself gradually.


Kill bacterial and algae

Ion stick can produce amount of CO2 OH,H2O2. Those can damage the ion channels of biological cells. What’s more, It can changes the survival filed and effect the metabolism of bacterial and alga.


Prevent corrosion

Active oxygen will produce a layer of low oxidation film to prevent corrosion.


The characteristics of Ion stick

●High voltage

Output voltage>7500V, it can achieve to 15000V in highest voltage. The effect of preventing scale, removing scale, killing bacteria, algae and preventing corrosion.

●Teflon protection

A. There is teflon to protect electrode probe. It can withstand 20000V high voltage.Insulation effect and safe performance is good

B. Teflon can also prevent the impurities adhere to probe. The prove will generate effect. What's more, it's so convenient to be cleaned

●Conicity thread connection, simple installation

Conditional flange connection will be replaced to conicity thread connection,simple installation and low cost.

●It use rods design with low cost

The ion stick use rods design with own system pipe to its shell. It save large cost

●Import cable connection

The import cable connection which can withstand -40℃. It can connect easily.What's more, it also can prevent moisture or corrosion gas erode high pressure generator in good seal condition.

●Low working cost

A. Simple installation with little room. It does not need valve and bypass

B. Low power consumption

C. It does not need operator to be on duty, which, save some labor costs.

●Advanced technology

A. Ion stick use thread connection with no shell and support compared with traditional cylindrical water treatment equipment

B. It can installed with remote control meter which can monitor equipment condition. (Optional)

C. It can check and print water quality report connected with computer. (Optional)

●Safe using

Although the voltage of ion stick is high, the current is less than 1mA with no dielectric effect and

Personal safety.

●Long life

Ion stick use high quality electric component. The life can achieve to 5 years

●No chemical effect to water

Ion stick use physical effect with no chemical effect, which, will confirm international environment requirement.


Maximum flow

Ion stick for cooling tower



Appropriate system pipe diameter
















More than 250mm



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Taken on August 12, 2010