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cheap COUNTERFEIT poster announcing 'jim morrison and the doors  FRI., AUG. 4th - 1966' | by quapan
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cheap COUNTERFEIT poster announcing 'jim morrison and the doors FRI., AUG. 4th - 1966'

This poster was in July 2011 posted & downloaded @

Jim Morrison and the doors

underground cavern, bleeker street, greenwich village - new york city

Fri., Aug. 4th -1966. Midnight - 4:00 A.M.

ADM. $5.00 at door

master of ceremonies vicki kotrys

Guest Include: Bill Meers and The Rockers

Also The Nifty Nick Band


11"x22" Quality Poster Print

Product Description: Jim Morrison and The Doors playing at the Underground Cavern, Bleeker Street in Greenwich Village, NYC. Aug. 4, 1966. Special Guest: Jefferson Airplane

Price: $7.99 In Stock. Ships from and sold by Rons Past and Present.




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Which one of those two circulationg poster versions (Nifty Nick Band VERSUS Jefferson Airplane) is the real one? Or are both just fakes?

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expert: JayDixon - 4/24/2009


Jim Morrison and the Doors played at the Underground Cavern, on Bleeker Street in Greenwich Village, New York, on May 8, 1966. Who shared the bill with the Doors. I maintain it was Bill Meers and the Rockers and the Nifty Nick Band. I've seen some reproduction posters that say it was the Jefferson Airplane. Who actually shared the bill?




Doubt I can help you much on this one as I am unable to source any info on this.

Jefferson Airplane (they toured Europe together)did a heck of a lot of stuff with The Doors and may well have supported at that Underground gig.

Sorry I can't be of more help.


Jay Dixon

Melbourne Australia



Both two versions of the poster are faked (probably by a fanatic 'Rolling Stones' to split up 'the doors'). Until now I discovered four reasons for this truth:

1st: August 4th, 1966 fell on a Thursday, and not on a Friday, as the above poster is stating.

2nd: My french friend 'ship of fools' has the 4th August 1966 in his 'chronologie':

1966: Jeudi 4 Août Concert Whisky a Go Go West Hollywood.

1966, Mon. Aug. 1 - Thu. 4: Whisky A Go Go - the doors, the Rolling Stones & David Crosby.

During this time the Rolling stones are in town for a recording session and stop by to hear The Doors. They are reportedly not very impressed. Also around this time, Jim gets into it with David Crosby who is performing with The Byrds. On the night of Lenny Bruce's death Crosby stops by to hear some music wearing shades throughout the evening. Jim while performing shouts to Crosby that he can't hide behind his sunglasses and an argument ensues. Also performing: Johny Rivers; The Chambers Brothers.

3rd: We didn't start out with such big ideas.We thought we were going to be just another pop group, but then something happened when we recorded 'The End'. We saw that what we were doing was more important than just a hit song. We were writing serious music and performing it in a very dramatic way. 'The End' is like going to see a movie when you already know the plot. It's a timeless piece of material... It was then that we realized we were different from other groups. We were playing music that would last for years, not weeks. JDM

4th: There was never a place called the "Underground Cavern" on Bleecker Street in the Village. I grew up there, around then, and NOPE. Also, had the ROLLING STONES at the height of their popularity played anywhere it would have been an ARENA. Or there would have been a RIOT. angel6356



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