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The Smell Machine | by normrobot
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The Smell Machine

The Smell Machine was perhaps Professor Julius Ratfinkel's favorite invention. For one reason, it signaled the beginning of the Ratfinkel Creative Science Team upon meeting Ruford Eugene "Hoss" Hamilton. But also, smell was a very sacred thing to Professor Ratfinkel, and he yearned to harness it with a machine.


The signature element of the Smell Machine is the Nasal Hair Coil Apparatus™, a series of nasium/copper coils which are extremely sensitive to olfactory stimuli. Air is collected by a control box located on top of the machine. This air is blown across the Nasal Hair Coil Apparatus™ into a Bionic Nose Unit, where minute existing smell elements are extracted.


The smell elements are fed into the Processing Box located below. Inside, the smell elements are refined, amplified, and routed to a smell horn. Each of these smell horns can be activated by pressing a button below. The result: excellent specimens of



The machine is configured to extract three smells of a positive polarity (pleasant) and three smells of a negative polarity (disgusting). In addition, the machine provides three smell mixes. (In theory, smells of opposite polarity will "cancel" each other and yield no smell at all.)

Several of Professor Ratfinkel's struggles with the machine were solved by a local yokel named Hoss. Ratfinkel's partnership with Hoss proved to be invaluable, and it was thus during this project that Ratfinkel conceived the idea of recruiting a team.


This Creative Science Team would later become one of the most productive collaborations known to the scientific world.

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Taken on March 8, 2009