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Message to The World | by Eduard V. Kurganov
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Message to The World

Artist Statement


The list of the worldly issues minor and major that impact personal experiences seems to be endless. Some of those issues may be: human overconsumption, intrusive surveillance, racial and other forms of inequality and discrimination, deforestation, air and water pollution, religious control, etc. In our contemporary society we are all potentially impacted by these negative forces since the time we start developing in our mother’s wombs. Humanity, right now, has all the necessities and commodities to provide every person on this planet with a comfortable place to sleep, healthy food to eat, clean water to drink, fresh clothes to wear, and a proper healthcare. But yet the said destructive forces are too overpowering, so the future seems doomed.

For this photographic project making “the personal is political,” I approached different people and asked how they wanted our world to change and to write out this desire with black marker on a white board. In an attempt to allow the people photographed to freely and fearlessly express their truest thoughts about any issues that bother them, I asked them to wear a Guy Fawkes mask to conceal their identities. I chose specifically to use this mask because of its long history, the meaning and the symbolism it carries, and the emotions and thoughts it invokes in most people who are familiar with the mask.

Guy Fawkes was a revolutionary who did not like the status quo, and wanted to overthrow corrupt government and make the world a better place. Hollywood greatly popularized his image via the movie “V For Vendetta,” so to this day he is remembered by many people around the globe as the one who opposed the ruling system. The mask symbolizes protest against tyranny, totalitarianism, any kind of oppression, and any other type of mistreatment and misconduct towards other fellow human beings. It symbolizes a great desire for a better and happier life for all people. It reminds us that we all are creators of our own destiny, builders of our own fate. Except the limitations you place ourselves into by our your own beliefs there are no limitations to what people can do.


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Taken on July 3, 2013