Great Horned Owl

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    What an amazing morning I had with this guy. This is the first bird I ran into today. He was sitting not far off a heavily used gravel road school bus route so when I saw him I slipped out of the truck and shot a bunch the 50D hand held. Actually after the 3rd shot he flew but just to another perch maybe 20 feet. Ok so hes going to be cooperative so I get out the tripod. Shot 75-80 frames and though why am I not shooting the 7D. So back to the truck for a frame swap. Shot another 100 or so shots. Gotta be some good ones in there somewhere. :) Now keep in mind that the whole time I'm shooting this beauty school buses and cars are speeding by under 150 feet from him. Couple of the damn fools liked to run themselves off the road trying to figure out what I was doing. After an hour and a half or so he got tired of posing and flew a couple hundred feet into a huge cottonwood so no more shooting. So back on the hunt I went and low and behold I found a cooperative Juvenile RT Hawk. Now that 2 birds I had no pixels of this year. They arent Don quality but I will take them. Moving on I went back to where the eagles have been building a nest. No Eagles today BUT 1 fairly decent Belted Kingfisher. A bit later I got some decent kinglet, Wilsons and sparrow shots. Right at noon a heavy breeze came up that had all the bushes flailing so I gave RA a call and told her I was headed in so be ready and we would go do our civic duty and vote.
    All in all I had one heck of a morning.

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    1. Canonshooterman 85 months ago | reply

      What a beauty!! sounds like you had a real good day finally!!

    2. VA Wild Rose 85 months ago | reply

      Really nice Doug! I'm sure we will see more of him if you have more to go through! I love the owls... keep 'em coming!

    3. Tundra Winds Images by Donna 85 months ago | reply

      Gorgeous shot......'love those eyes....

    4. Sharon's Photos 85 months ago | reply

      Fantastic Doug!! With a morning like that, you have permission to kick back and relax and let the rest of us catch up!! LOL Great shot indeed!!!

    5. Stu Price 85 months ago | reply

      Great stuff Doug, an Owl against bright blue sky!

    6. Kuskulana Steve 85 months ago | reply

      What a great adventure, I hate those sessions with stupid and noisy traffic, but you done good!

    7. John Shillaw 85 months ago | reply

      Shots don't come much better than this. I wish my days were as full of co-operative birds as yours!

    8. EdZee 85 months ago | reply

      Excellent! Only saw ONE in my life; While canoeing & fishing on one of R.I.'s better "wilderness" waterways....

    9. DorsetBirder 85 months ago | reply

      What a stunner - and so nice to see that beautiful plumage at the size you post rather than the size Flickr puts on the photo page!
      Reads like you had one excellent morning.

    10. leapin26 85 months ago | reply

      Really great closeup Doug!

    11. JMW Natures Images 85 months ago | reply

      A heck of a morning and a hell of a shot there D.


    12. BN Singh 85 months ago | reply

      Wonderful capture!!!

    13. wintercove 85 months ago | reply

      Terrific! You were due for the weather and birds, and boy, did they come your way. How fun. This is a spectacular one!

    14. CatCalls 85 months ago | reply

      Beautiful photograph of a beautiful owl.

    15. Traps90 85 months ago | reply

      Nice catch on the Horned Owl there's a few around my neck of the world, but there a rare find. Thanks for sharing

    16. Richard Chamberland ( RESPECT ALL THAT IS NATURE 82 months ago | reply

      It so nice to find these guys as the first bird of the day. Corey and I are watching 7 Great Horneds in a 10 mile square and building mock hawk nest for them to nest in this spring.

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