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Die Luftwaffe (Air Force) ENIGMA | by brewbooks
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Die Luftwaffe (Air Force) ENIGMA

Die Luftwaffe (Air Force) ENIGMA


Like the Army, the Air Force relied on ENIGMA for coomunications security (COMSEC). As a result of radio intercept and timely analysis, which was aided by poor COMSEC on German radion nets, plans such as decisve air attacks known as the Battle of Britain were revealed to the British well in advance of the intended strike. The losses suffered by the German air force during this time were never regained.

Source National Cryptologic Museum (Added links to Wikipedia)


A slightly different view from Battle of Britain Wikipedia

Effect of signals intelligence

It is unclear how much the British intercepts of the Enigma cipher, used for high-security German radio communications, affected the battle. Ultra, the information obtained from Enigma intercepts, gave the highest echelons of the UK's command a view of German intentions but it seems little of this material filtered down to Hugh Dowding's desk. (It would have had little tactical value in any case.) However, the radio listening service (known as Y Service), monitoring the patterns of Luftwaffe radio traffic, contributed considerably to the early warning of raids


ENIGMA remains the best known German cryptographic machine of World War II.


ENIGMA cipher machine collection



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