Celina's Coffee Cup Project
ATTENTION!: This project hasn't been abandoned... but currently, I am faced with some major life changes (trying to find a job, trying not to be homeless after September 1st). I'll be continuing with the project once things have settled down!


It's foul, it's disgusting, it's not exactly what you'd expect to be the subject of a photography project. It's... a bunch of stale coffee cups.

The idea is to take pictures of coffee cups in Toronto that have not been disposed of properly. We live in a highly caffeinated culture, and I find it fascinating to document a side of our daily cup of coffee that is so easily forgotten. I've also been noticing just how much abandoned coffee cups stand out, in this city, and busy myself with questions regarding the mentality of those who leave them behind.

There are many purposes for this project:

1) To take photos of unlikely subjects.

2) To turn trash into art.

3) To raise awareness by showing and discussing the project with others, and encouraging proper disposal of trash and recycling in our city.

4) To entertain an extremely bored and equally strange young woman who is in possession of a digital camera.

All photos are taken with a FujiFilm FinePix A400 digital camera by an amateur, so don't expect professional work! I do the best I can with the photos I get. In any case, I feel the flatness and the imperfection of these photos contributes positively to the overall feel of the set.

Oh, and I encourage people to add any tags they feel may be relevant, to get this project as much exposure as possible. As I progress with this project, I also remember some of my common tags, and forget others. Not intentionally, though!
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