Most recently, Clear Blue Water Project provided a well in Burundi, District of Mugamba. Below, you can see the joy clean water bring children in this area. Thank you for helping Clear Blue make the start of 2014 a success!

Clear Blue has partnered with Hope Africa to support a Free Methodist Hospital in Burundi. Kibuye Hope Hospital is located in east central Burundi 25 kilometers from the country’s second largest city, Gitega. The hospital serves a rural population covering about one tenth of the geographical area of the country and is the hospital of reference for 12 rural clinics. It took 2 years to get the well approved by the government. There are swampy areas on three sides of the hospital station so there should be an abundant supply of water for a long time to come. A second part of the project is now underway, building a water tank and necessary piping, and pumping for a complete water system. Total costs for all of the work here have been approximately $40,000. Bishop Emeritus and long-term missionary to Africa Gerald Bates and the late Bishop Elie Buconyori have led in these projects.

In 2013 we drilled a Clear Blue well supporting a village with over 100 families. See our thank you letter from this thankful village.

“We are honored to thank Clear Blue Global Water Project to have participated in such noble efforts to help our village Located in MUGAMBA DISTRICH, VILLAGE TORA, to provide clear water and hope to our people in Burundi.

Clear Blue has changed lives thinking of all the bacteria and other things in our old water. The new well drilled by Clear Blue Global Project serves 100-120 families in this Village.

We thank God for giving Clear Blue Water Project the wonderful passion and heart to help this village with a new well.

We appreciated your love and we will keep praying for you all.

God bless you.
Yours in service
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