Malawi was the site of Clear Blue's very first borehole, under the leadership of the late Ryan Bartlette and Dr. Henry Church. Ryan Wilson has been leading the effort in aggressive well drilling, and in 2011, the government of Malawi honored Clear Blue with a special "thank you celebration" for the many wells. Malawi is one of the poorest African countries, and has ongoing needs for water.
Northern Region
Karonga (Uliwa FMC)
Nkhata Bay (Tukombo)
Salima (Khombedza FMC)
Salima (Chitala FMC)
Salima (Chagunda FMC)
Southern Region
Balaka(Nyanala FMC)
Mulanje (Namphungo FMC)
Natenje(Kaluzi FMC)
Malingunde FMC (Gowera Village)
Tsabango FMC
Salima (Chikumba FMC)
Salima (Chagunda FMC--‐Repair)

Southern Region
Ndamera (Kungmgachr Village FMC)
Nsanje (Chingwe Village FMC)

2009 Southern Region
Thyolo FMC
Thuchila FMC
Chiringa FMC
Muloza (Gravity Fed System)

2010 Northern Region
Chiweta FMC Kasisi FMC
Ngoya FMC
Navitango FMC

Central Region
Ntcheu (Kandeu FMC)

Southern Region
Chikwawa (Matimati Village FMC)
Limbe FMC

2011 Central Region
Ntcheu (Sharp Valley FMC)
Madisi FMC

2012 Central Region
Salima (Msinda Village FMC)
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