Matthew Rothenberg, Wendell Kling, & Friends, 1984

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    This was taken at Presidio Park, in San Diego. Matthew Rothenberg is on the left, and is the force behind which is a fantastic site, and if you like this collection of photos, you belong there. Wendell Kling is on the right.

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    1. David Bivins ages ago | reply

      Fantastic shot - like the flash effect.

    2. TZP ages ago | reply

      the shiny apple-cheeked boy on the right is wendell kling. neptune rockenberger and wmk = parts of NOISE 292. was this taken in the fruit loop? where's garris?

    3. T. E. Ward ages ago | reply

      Music to soothe the savage beast. Now: a tye-dyed skinhead? The face says ferocious; the shirt says ludicrous! Funny thing is I was probably there that night; what I was wearing was possibly ludicrous, too--but in a different way, and I wasn't snarling for the camera.... Where is that kid now? The kid that was me, and the kid that was this skinhead fellow. I know where Matt is, courtesy of his www efforts. Where's Garris? I've wondered too! Brilliant here how the hands are highlighted by the darkness around them--and the kid's face is offset by the cheeriness of the pair behind. What was that girl's name? I remember Wendell and Matt.

    4. tonesua ages ago | reply

      This was at Presidio. THe summers of 1982-84 were spent here, hanging out with nothing to do. You had a wall to play your guitar and shoot the shit, a tower to hide your liquor and usually someone to buy you liquor at Falcon liquor. Usually Shaefer 12 packs for $3.25.

    5. wingoking ages ago | reply

      Good times! Yes that's me, Wendell. I tentatively identify the girl as Kristin Tobiason. She's still in SD somewhere. She has a daughter the same age as mine and they became friends a few years back after I met up with Kristin again. The most recent email I had for her is not working.

    6. motorod 94 months ago | reply

      Nope. Not Kristen. She knows this photo, and says it's not her.

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