I found 10 inch Captivating Swashbuckler Cissette at an absolute steal, and since I love dolls and parrots I had to get her. Originally $230, Doll Market had her for only $60.

She is a beautiful doll wearing a stunning outfit. I love the pirate-y jewelry, the sword, and the feathered pirate hat. The parrot is much cuter than the one shown in her promo photos. She has a lovely face and sleep eyes.

It was an incredible pain getting her coat back on over her sleeves after I removed it to take off the plastic on her hands. Also, I left off her necklace because it sat very awkardly on her blouse, and I could not figure out how the purple scarf was supposed to go under her hat. The parrot comes on a strange loop that does not appear to “fit” anywhere, but I twisted it around her hand and he perches okay.

I’d love to pair her with the gorgeous Captivating Swashbuckler Cissy one day, but doubt I’ll ever find her at a price I want to pay!

I had trouble finding owner photos of her - I hope my photos can be of use to others thinking of buying her!
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