TEDxTehranSalon - November 2017
Ready for a change? This event is about offering ideas and inspiring for all aspects of attendees life, from emotions to happiness, from competitive challenge to collaborative game.

TEDxTehranSalon events are small gatherings to encourage discussion and engagement around specific subjects. They are hosted between each main TEDxTehran event throughout the year in Tehran, Iran.

Each Salon will focus on a different subject and feature one or more TED and TEDx Talks in relation to the topic, followed by a discussion with the audience. From time to time, we may also invite live speakers for a Salon event.

The purpose of the Salon events is to spark meaningful discussions and actions around TED and TEDx Talks. Salon events are a great way for us to engage with Tehran’s local community and understand issues of interest to them for future TEDxTehran events.

TEDxTehranSalon events will be invitation only events.
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