AKA The Princess. Pretty Girl, Pretty in Pink and Bitch.

Vital Statistics: Born sometime in November 2002. 100% border collie, and what she lacks in stature she makes up for in teeth and bad attitude.

Piper is a massive keener in ... everything. They say the average adult will have 2-3 major career changes in their lifetime, and Piper takes this statistic to heart. Now retired from stockwork because those damn sheep just needed one too many nips at the heels, and now retired from flyball because it's faster to run PAST the jumps than over them, Piper is scaring the shit out of the Food Lady in agility.

Piper has her FDCh-G in flyball, never made it past Novice-Novice in stockwork and has her MADC and SDGC in agility. She invented Mad Teeth (tm) and knows how to use them.
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