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Shasu of YHW | by DXRD_Wolfman
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Shasu of YHW

A replica of an Ancient Egyptian relief from the reign of Amenhotep III (14th Century BC) describing a Semetic captive called by its' Cartouche: "Shasu (Egyptian word for 'nomads') of (the Land of) Yhw" or "Shasu of Yhw". This relief had been found in Soleb of Nubia (modern day Sudan).


The "Shasu of YWH" are also mentioned on reliefs from Amarah West dating to the reign of Ramses II (13th Century BC).


The term "Shasu" mainly focused on the nomads who lived by the area of Ancient Canaan, and spread in groups over this region, as there is a mention of 6 groups of Shasu in the Soleb relief.

The name of the land "Yhw" today belived by some to be located in Southern Canaan.

Some schoalrs tried to connect between the name of the land this group of Shasu had lived in with the Hebrew Bible God YHWH, which is stated in servel chapters as originating from the South. If that's the case maybe these "Shasu of YHW" were part of the ancient proto-Israelites to form the well-known nation of "Israel" mentioned later on the Merenptah Stele (1208 BC).


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Taken on February 14, 2013