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washing ashore | by jasfitz |
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washing ashore

I am deeply, consumingly in love with this man.


This prefaces the announcement that some old biddy crashed her vehicle into mine yesterday. She was a very sweet old lady except for the whole dinging up my car, denting the side, and knocking my mirror off. Ugh. Thanks for all the hyperventilation, lady! I am a wildly firm believer in the notion that the elderly should be required to pass frequent driving tests after a certain age. I have seen far too many incidents occur involving sweet little old people injuring multitudes of others due to the simple fact that many are no longer equipped to be in full control of a vehicle. Le sigh.


Anyway, back to what I started with… when I got home, Scott loved me up so much, and made me laugh so much, that I clear forgot all about the events of the day. That's the kind of man for me. I have an accident with his six-month-old car (whose name is Ginger, by the way), and when I get home he's full of loving cuddles and offers me a massage.


I love this hunky dude.

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Taken on February 16, 2008