President-Elect Obama

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    Boy, am I going to have egg on my face if he doesn't kick John McCain's ass!

    Edit: 4:45am GMT - phew!

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    1. Evan Melick 60 months ago | reply

      And I cannot wait to be able to vote in 2012 so I can ruin my future children's lives some more for voting for his second term.

    2. cinemafia [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

      @ Johnny Conservative: Why don't you just remove YOURSELF?

    3. ~sarge~ 59 months ago | reply

      Without republicans, our country would be nonexistant today, dont insult them.

    4. cinemafia [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

      I don't have a problem with republicans; I have many friends, relatives and coworkers that are. What I do have a problem with are douchebags, regardless of their political aspirations.

    5. magnus_lauglo 59 months ago | reply


      Without Republicans we would not be in Iraq, we would not be in on the brink of the next Depression, and we would not be in such great need of redemption in the eyes of the rest of the world.

    6. Evan Melick 59 months ago | reply

      Sarge, you seem to misunderstand the word "republican".

      The word origionated from, if you go back far enough, the Enlightenment ideals of equality and freedom, meaning in essence, supporting a republican form of government. Now, America, the French Revolution, Revolutions of 1848, etc etc were all based off of"liberal enlightenment ideas". There were two main groups back then, Liberals and Conservatives. Now, using today's political spectrum, the Liberals and Conservatives of the past would all be considered 'right-wing' by today's standards.

      Also, Republicans as we know them did not have anything more than Grandma's apple pie to do with forming America. The GOP did not even come into existance until about a decade, give or take before our Civil War. AND, plus, at the beginning, the Republican party was left-wing, liberal, compared to the then right-wing mostly pro-slavery Democratic party.

      Gotta love AP European History.

    7. Evan Melick 59 months ago | reply

      Oh, and nice points Magnus.

      I thought you were Norwegian?

    8. ~sarge~ 59 months ago | reply

      I mean republican as in the party, as in Abraham Lincoln, U.S. Grant, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan. Some of the Greatest US Presidents in history, But really, we should try to judge a pearson not by thier party, but by what they stand for.

    9. magnus_lauglo 59 months ago | reply

      Yeah, I'm part Norwegian, and lived there for a long time (and before that I lived in England).

      I've been in the Washington DC area for 11 years now.

    10. magnus_lauglo 59 months ago | reply

      sarge, I'm not sure I'd personally include all those Presidents on my list of great Americans. But that aside, were you suggesting that the Republican Party has had more of a hand in making the US what it is today than the Democratic Party? or are yuo just saying that the party has been hugely influential in American history and deserves respect?

      There are plenty of great people out there who are republicans (and Republicans) and there's no need to insult them as a group. I don't think the vig is insulting, although I can see why it might seem like a cheap shot.

      There are tremendous challenges and few easy answers right now, but I think the second Bush term especially, and the 2008 election campaign really highlighted the problems the Republicans have developed as a party. After the last eight years I think it's healthy for the country that the Democrats have a chance to lead the way for a while.

    11. Evan Melick 59 months ago | reply

      Well, the Republicans are getting their act together.

      Lately, it looks like my "homeland", New York is litterally in the middle of a political civil war.

      But still, we can in fact make fun of them, thanks to our friendly buddy the First Amendment.

      I'm not actually sure when the GOP started to really go conservative, because back in the time of Lincoln, Grant, Jackson, etc, the early republicans, the party I think was more liberal leaning than the democrats. Mhm. Interesting. I don't know too much about this stuff.

      To be honest, beside being a crook, Nixon really wasn't a half bad President.

      Only one who had the vaugest idea how to run the Vietnam War.

    12. nolnet 54 months ago | reply

      ^ lol, the photostream of that whackjob is just priceless.

    13. Evan Melick 54 months ago | reply

      That might be the funniest photostream I've ever looked through.

    14. Chester 7/31/02 54 months ago | reply

      Don't use dirty languge

    15. nolnet 54 months ago | reply

      But please make random statements.

    16. Digger Digger Dogstar 39 months ago | reply

      Thanks Debbie! (this wasn't everyone's cup of tea at the time!)

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