Let It Be

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    Minifig first did this cover a couple of years ago. But, alas, I am a sad completest and just had to have a go myself! It was Minifig's wonderful version that got me thinking about doing Abbey Road (and then the rest!) and so this one's dedicated to him.

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    1. -milky joe- 78 months ago | reply

      these are so good, one day they'll be in an exhibition and I'll be there too, er not as an exhibit you understand although I am inclined to make one of myself from time to time....

    2. Dunechaser 78 months ago | reply

      I spot the jester from the new Castle Advent Calendar! ;-)

    3. minifig 78 months ago | reply

      Aw. Shucks.

      Cracking version though, and fits really well with the rest of yours. I think it needed to be done :o)

    4. Digger Digger Dogstar 78 months ago | reply

      @ Dave - Cheers! Believe it or not, my Legolver shot was used in an exhibition in Germany showing different versions and parodies of Klaus Voorman's original work. Apparently, the man himself has seen Legolver - not sure what he made of me taking his face off the cover and replacing it with my own!

      @ Andrew - Yes indeed - although the jester doesn't have Harrison's moustache, the massive grin was perfect!

      @ Minifig - glad you like it - I was worried about what you might think!

    5. minifig 78 months ago | reply

      @DDD Hey, it's hardly like I have a monopoly on the idea, and I haven't done one for ages anyway. It's great to see your amazing set complete!

    6. Digger Digger Dogstar 78 months ago | reply

      Still got the White Album to do - all my efforts so far look more like Pink Floyd's "The Wall". Magical Mystery Tour was more of an ep than an album and the less said about Yellow Submarine the better!

    7. minifig 78 months ago | reply

      Well, completerer then :o)

    8. Chester 7/31/02 64 months ago | reply

      Do the beatles 1 album in lego

    9. ☆eight☆ 45 months ago | reply

      well done, again!

    10. super*dave 45 months ago | reply

      it was my first album and still a regular listen. fantastic!

    11. RD Crisp Photography 45 months ago | reply

      AMAZING! I love this

    12. Digger Digger Dogstar 44 months ago | reply

      Thanks to everybody for lovely comments and favourites!

    13. ClaireFraser 44 months ago | reply

      My fave! You so *rock*!!!

    14. Brick~Busters 39 months ago | reply

      Someone uploaded this to LEGO CUUSOO: (twice actually)


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