Faust in Südafrika
Goethe's Faust in South Africa

The German-Turkish actor Haydar Zorlu arrived on South African soil on May 15, where he facilitated a two-day workshop at the German School in Cape Town. On May 22 conducted a similar program in Hermannsburg and he continues his trip by bringing the theatre piece to Gauteng. Zorlu's rendition of Faust can be seen at the German School Johannesburg on May 27, at 13:45 and at the German School Pretoria on May 29, at 14:00.

Zorlu has performed "Faust'' more than 220 times. First performed in 2009 in the German Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, Haydar Zorlu is nowadays travelling through Europe, China and this year South Africa to charm audiences with his performance.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Faust is one of the most important pieces of literature and theatre play in the German speaking world. The original was written back in 1808.

Zorlu reinvents the more than 200-year old play in a stunning one-man show that still fascinates audiences in the 21st century. The 80-minute long play is available in German and Turkish.

Born in 1967 in Turkey, Haydar Zorlu moved to Germany in 1979 where he obtained his High School degree. He then studied law, German language and literature, and education in Cologne. In 1988 performed the lead role in the acclaimed short movie “A Turkish wedding”.



Hermannsburg, Lynn Hitchcock
Mr Stefan Zick, head of the German Department and the principal, Mr Martin Marx, thank Mr Haydar Zorlu for a stunning performance and for the time spent in workshops with the Hermannsburg.
IT is not often that an actor of international stature - German Haydar Zorlu - star of seven films, 21 TV shows and seven theatre productions and a well-known figure in the world of German entertainment, comes across one’s path. Mr Zorlu spent time on Friday and Saturday workshopping the German classic, Faust, with our Grade 11 and 12 pupils and on Saturday he performed his 80-minute adaptation of the tale with the help of our budding actors. The church hall was transformed into a cosy theatre, with the set and lighting to suit the ambience of the piece with the help of Mr Terry and Mr Kaiser. Our thanks go to Mr Zick from our German department and the German embassy who made Mr Zorlu’s visit possible.

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