The Nib & Pick Society Presents...Fisticuffs!
We're rounding up cartoonists, putting them into teams and letting them battle it out the only way cartoonists know how to battle—by drawing cartoons! The format is simple: the audience provides the topics and the cartoonists let it rip. It's like Iron Chef, but the secret ingredient is punch lines instead of asparagus. Cartoonists don't often perform in public without having the benefit of their usual crutches: a comfortable desk, oodles of time and bathtubs full of whiskey. So this is a rare opportunity.

This show features cartoonists Hilary Price (Rhymes with Orange), Eric Lewis (Animal Nuz, The New Yorker), Matt Diffee (The Rejection Collection, The New Yorker) and Drew Dernavich (The New Yorker), hosted by writer and comedian Patrick Borelli (Comedy Central, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon). There will also be a surprise musical guest for your entertainment, just in case you actually need more entertainment.

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