Ouida MacDermott

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    Ouida Macdermott was active in the early 1900'ss -mostly in pantomime as far as I can tell-not sure if you have that in the USA but its a great institution here.

    There is an article on Wikipaedia about Ouida's father:


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    1. wastedpapiers [deleted] 111 months ago | reply

      They obviously went to a lot of trouble over costumes and sets in those days. Todays pantos are a bit tacky to say the least!

    2. ART NAHPRO 111 months ago | reply

      ah-she was being eastern and exotic! Pantomimes have a lot of fun traditions the principal boy is nearly always a girl and all the women who are not the "romantic interest" tend to be men. Audience participation is encouraged and no child who has ever shouted "He's behind you!" to alert Peter Pan/Alladin/Jack etc that the villain is about to pounce will ever forget it!

    3. ART NAHPRO 111 months ago | reply

      Just so you know-Ouida's grandson replied to my e-mail and sent me a nice reply. Apparently she was married four times!Anyway-in the tradition of an old mail artist I have decided to send him the original card as I think it needs to be reunited with her familiy. I'll let you know the next istallment.

    4. ART NAHPRO 111 months ago | reply

      Just so you know-Ouida has been reunited with her grandson and I can relax now-she sounds like she was quite an independent lady

    5. wastedpapiers [deleted] 111 months ago | reply

      Well done! A good deed indeed doobly doobly!

    6. fabianmohr 111 months ago | reply

      this entire collection of vintage pics is amazing.

    7. ART NAHPRO 111 months ago | reply

      thanks fabian-I'll try to load upsome more presently

    8. ART NAHPRO 93 months ago | reply


      Another of Ouida's relatives has just contacted me. Its so nice that all this is made possible through the internet.

    9. wastedpapiers [deleted] 92 months ago | reply

      I had a similar experiance recently when a distant relative of one of the old Victorian Music hall stars wrote to me to say they had never seen her on a postcard before and could I send a good quality jpeg as they were writing a book about her. Needless to say i sent them the actual card which they were delighted with.

    10. ART NAHPRO 92 months ago | reply

      It seems right.

      Mind you if everyone queues up claiming to be relatives of Lily Elsie-one of my other cards, I'll have to rethink that strategy...

    11. meagain625 92 months ago | reply

      Umm...she was my 8th cousin on Pa's, er, Ma's...yes, that's it, Ma's side, and I was her very favorite, and ... um ... and she loved me best!
      (free pic, pleeeese!)
      I do love her dress and her attitude. Thanks so much for sharing!

    12. ART NAHPRO 92 months ago | reply

      Thanks NYCtreeman. A harder heart is now in place...

      Hahah meagain625. Very good try. Unfortunately you are not on the list of bona fide family members I have accumulated through extensive searches and eye wateringly expensive legal fees.

      I do have a newspaper cutting of Tony Blair with a coffee stain if that is any good to you. maybe not a coffee stain. "unidentified substance"

    13. meagain625 92 months ago | reply

      *Rats*... No thanks. (Thanks a LOT, nyctreeman...you ruint everthin'!!)

    14. ART NAHPRO 92 months ago | reply

      Heheh. Every dream shattered.

    15. addadada 74 months ago | reply

      that is an incredible story...wow....so cool

    16. ART NAHPRO 74 months ago | reply

      it is one of my favourite stories..

    17. TinTrunk 69 months ago | reply

      Brilliant story, and I admire your generosity Art! I'm not sure I could part with one of my favourites.

      Thanks for adding it to The Astonishing Power of Flickr group!

    18. ART NAHPRO 69 months ago | reply

      ..well..not so much generosity ..it felt like completeing a circle or something

      Glad you set up that group..if I come across any other examples from other people I'll try and alert you...

    19. TinTrunk 69 months ago | reply

      Looking again at this fabulous postcard, I've got to say if this is definitely 1920s, then Ouida is wearing rather an old fashioned costume for the time.

      I've seen pictures of music hall artistes like Florrie Ford wearing similar bejewelled leotards from the 1900s-1910s, equally as revealing of leg, although Florrie was considerably stouter than the svelte Ouida.

      The upswept hairstyle is also more Edwardian than post 1WW. This image would have looked extremely unfashionable in the 1920s. Perhaps pantomime stars retained outdated styles longer than other stage performers?

      Just my observations ;-)

    20. ART NAHPRO 69 months ago | reply

      I think when I looked her up earlier it probably was talking about her later career-I just found this which shows her in 1909


      I am sure that my image here was from around then too--you are right-I think I'll change the caption as it is a bit misleading...

      Her father GH McDermott's wiki entry has a link back to my postcard here

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