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You Want the HDR? You Can't Handle the HDR!

I gotta admit I was a tad disappointed yesterday - a *lot* of people commented on the "painting-ish" HDR-y look of the bridge . . . but believe it or not, that's just the way the bridge looked! The processing brought out the sky and stuff, but largely it was a pretty natural HDR, even for me. Sometimes it's just the character of the subject.

HOWEVER, don't mistake this for me being mad at anyone in particular -I really value those opinions on what you like and don't like . . because I really enjoy making "likable" images.

HOWEVER (I'm just full of contrarianism today, thanks to my boss), for me it's half about what the "audience" likes and half about what I like. There's got to be a balance . . and today, just to be obnoxious and have fun, I'm posting one of my favorite over-the-top HDRs that's been sitting in the queue for a while. Besides, with happy smiling child Friday coming up, tomorrow's post will be a relatively unprocessed one anyway.

The little building is known as the Dot Schoolhouse. The "town" of Dot now consists of about 5 mobile homes about 2 miles away from here. This schoolhouse, built in the late 1800s saw less than 50 years of use and now sits in an open field next to a shiny new wind farm. Go figure.

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  1. d_rod 59 months ago | reply

    You call this over-the-top, I'll just say the glow and shot are both warm and inviting.

  2. Lif... 59 months ago | reply

    great title :)
    i'm often wondering about that.

    plus: a beautiful hdr :)

  3. Patrick.Brian 59 months ago | reply

    This photo is fantastic. The lighting is just perfect. What I really like, is how the angle you chose casts the shadow in the forground of the photo, very nicely done :)

  4. Carol (Nona) 59 months ago | reply

    I am not technical enough to do any HDR'ish stuff nor am I even familiar enough with many of the photographic terms--BUT--this I can tell you as a pretty lame layman, I absolutely love this shot and the emotions it evokes. Great work!

  5. A.W.A.N 59 months ago | reply

    Congrats!!! for "Explore"; the most awesome content on Flickr

    I would like to invite you to post your photo in ~ June Explore Contest ~

  6. i can-on flickr [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

    Perfect example of how one great angle can make an ordinary landscape such a beautiful image!

  7. clay.wells 58 months ago | reply

    dude i forgot to fave this? i must have been so blown away by it when i opened it up.

  8. jrtce1 56 months ago | reply

    Holy Cow! This is one off-the-charts photograph!!! The history and memories that took place here are all but forgotten. This photo is the best way to revive them. What a great job!

  9. *HSF* 52 months ago | reply

    i thought that shot kicks ass.

  10. bikertom 5.3 – not online very often 43 months ago | reply

    Wow, Jeff. This capture is stunning. Great HDR-Job. From now on seen in my faves.

  11. cedergreenphoto 36 months ago | reply

    Great shot Jeff! I love this kind of stuff. Eastern WA and OR are some of my favorite places to shoot.

  12. Marcos Arruda 36 months ago | reply

    incrivelmente fantástico...
    bela foto / parabéns...

  13. fewstingscorpio 33 months ago | reply

    Wonderful Photo !! You Really Made A Splash!!!! Please Let Other Splashers Enjoy Your Artistic SPLASH !!
    1best splash final_edited-3**Splash**

    Love it-good job!!!!!!
    I'm a Seattle native...

  14. Nux Pix (Home Treating a Tough Knee Injury) 14 months ago | reply

    Beautiful Shot! Great Find! Love the composition!

  15. fawaznnn 14 months ago | reply

    Image pretty well done

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