• A dell in a tuaw photo pool!!! - ben-
  • This tiny display is actually a 23" on a Mac Mini 1.42 Ghz with 1GB Ram/superdrive. This is my media server for all my music.
  • Dell 2.8Ghz P4 1GB Ram
    Using MS RemoteDesktop this is cheaper and faster than VPC
  • Toshiba Tablet PC for a medical application I'm developing... yes, in WebObjects
  • Canon Xl1s MiniDV Cam
  • 12" Powerbook 1.3Ghz 1 GB Ram 100GB HD.. fits in my camera bag
  • 17" Powerbook 1.67Ghz / 2GB Ram / 100GB HD. The one released right before the ones with the HD screens.
  • Bluetooth Mouse on WebObjects Mousepad.. Yes, I use WebObjects becuse I'm hardcore like that
  • 30" Display on 17" powerbbok
  • 30" Display one on Dual 2.7Ghz G5 4 GB Ram Tons of storage
  • 30" Display two on Dual 2.7Ghz G5 4 GB Ram Tons of storage
  • Canon 20D with 70-200 IS L Lens
  • Canon 100-400 IS L Lens
  • 40GB 4th Generation iPod. Old school black and white screen. (Had to cut corners somewhere)
  • Photography from my site www.visualseed.com
  • Photography from my site www.visualseed.com
  • Wacom Intuos3 Tablet
  • iSight (x2) - the jingster
  • mess of wires, priceless. - smallcaps

Mac Setup and more

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My Home mac Setup. Yes, those are 30" displays

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  1. davidedwardthorpe ages ago | reply

    hey visualseed,
    amazing setup.
    i currently own a black macbook;
    2GB RAM
    250GB HDD!
    I love it but i feel really jealous when i see you setup.
    im curious where you got your desk and what make it is,
    i really like it.
    thanks so much

  2. idahoidaho ages ago | reply

    Very impressive! lyrics

  3. aback account [deleted] 120 months ago | reply

    this is the reason of why people commit suicide...
    jealous... lol

  4. CharlieJennings 119 months ago | reply

    Just why?

    In our studio we have 3 G4's and 1G3.
    They're is no need for all that equipment.

    You could run Africa on that setup.

    Also: Why post it on a photography site?

  5. Chris W.T. Burke 116 months ago | reply

    the only thing i hate about this, is theres to many keyboards.. download TELEPORT (its a app plugin) that allows you to use ONE KEYBOARD and ONE MOUSE for computers on the same networks... you need to download it on each computer (only takes a few seconds) and enable it, take a second... and its SUPER easy to set up... just click activate, then position it and BOOM one keyboard and one mouse for all your computers

  6. Andrezza Carneiro 116 months ago | reply

    to precisando de um, quer me dá não? OIASJDIOJASIODJSAO

  7. aback account [deleted] 115 months ago | reply

    Why dont you make the pictures on the wall monitors as well? And how about another video camera for the table on the right...seek some balance.

    Oh and the mouse needs to be moved to the left, its too crooked. And where are the action figures!?

  8. joelesler 115 months ago | reply

    I really want to know what desks you have. I've seen tons of people ask, and no response, please tell us?

  9. visualseed 115 months ago | reply

    The desks are made by Z-Line. I bought them at Staples but I have also seen them online at other office supple stores. I have a hard time finding them exactly the same anymore as they have changed the style of the leg slightly and replaced the cross turnbuckles with a bar. I have been trying to find the same desks in Europe, with no luck, as I am living in Ukraine full time now.

    Here is a recent variation I was able to find.

    www.qvc.com/qic/qvcapp.aspx/view.2/app.detail/params.aol_... the Home&cm_pla=Furniture&cm_ite=E193104

    I hope this help.

    - Eric

  10. supertejano4fr 111 months ago | reply

    WTF is up with that ugly black thing on the floor! I've heard pc users call them Dells...

  11. CharlieJennings 111 months ago | reply

    You obviously have no Girlfriend/Wife.

  12. Horsepower Photography 102 months ago | reply

    wow you have the serious  bug. Me too. This is really awesome!

  13. jamesmadison_dd 102 months ago | reply

    Setup looks great, but i think something shit on your carpet.

  14. CharlieJennings 102 months ago | reply

    All that money and your carpet looks like that?

  15. Khaked88 100 months ago | reply

    man this is awesome you have to put some work on the room and the lights and try to hide the cables with some new ideas :) great studio by the way

  16. Nitin Rajora 92 months ago | reply

    My my... God!!!

    Believe me when I say this - dude you have every reason to upgrade to 1 Blu Gene Super Computer instead of this mob !!!

  17. rallenrahim 79 months ago | reply

    Good Lord that's nice!

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