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    A 2D look at the marketing continuum.

    Pinko Marketing Wiki

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    1. luxuryluke ages ago | reply

      In PinkoMarketing, the marketing owns YOU.

    2. miss_rogue ages ago | reply

      ...or more like the people that you used to market "to" turn that communication around...Totally. Relinquish all control and enjoy the ride. ;)

    3. quadmod ages ago | reply

      Indeed it seems, "they" (the people that use your product or service) are the message. Their life and interests will shape your business, if you're doing things right.

      Love Pinko Marketing, keep it coming.

    4. JamesB ages ago | reply

      Hey Miss,

      I'm wanting to be with you. I like the look of your commune but as someone who works in marketing for a range of clients - some big and with end users who frankly don't know what a PC is - the oppoortunity to engage in a conversation even a distributed one - with their audience is very very limited. for many of these companies what you're aspiring to isn't even idealistic, it's just not not logical.

      My other query is 'does it scale'. I buy 'creating passionate users' but trying to hold conversations with lots of people and organise that feedback into a big organisation is nigh impossible. It doesn't mean you shouldn't try of course - and with trials and 'edge' products and services that approach makes sense - but 'push' marketing like advertising is inevitably going to be better ns such circumstances. And Dan Hills post on 'ripples' shows how push / broadcast media can be part of a wider 'experience' that incorporates your pinko stuff ;-)

    5. miss_rogue ages ago | reply


      I don't know if it scales and if it should. I still believe that 'one size does not fit all'. I mostly appeal to new companies doing niche work.

      I'd like to think that this could be applied, but correctly, in a larger context, though. Maybe we'll find examples. ;)

    6. JamesB ages ago | reply


      So what happens if Riya blows wide open [as I hope it does!]? what happens when you want to extend the service beyond the 'edge', to a more mainstream audience? Do you rely on 'mavens', does the business strategy support that kind of 'organic'/WOM approach?

      And what happens if Roya doesn't blow open? do you 'resort' to more traditional approaches to try and communicate your message rather than try and [re]convince the people who won;t say nice things about you...

      sorry to push the point, only I'm curious and want to move beyond 'markets as conversations' for web 2.0 to see what the learning is for larger organisations... or maybe that's the pinko point... that the future is just for fragmented groups of people in on the conversation?

    7. miss_rogue ages ago | reply

      Hey James, scenario A (which I hope happens, too!), I like the strategy of continuing to support the mavens.

      In scenario B (doesn't happen), well, there is something wrong with the product IMO. Like the Threadless guys say, "If our community kills us, maybe we deserve to die" (metaphorically, of course). I have pretty good faith this isn't the case. ;)

      I think Pinko Marketing works in a broader, more mainstream market. I just have to start to investigate how. No real precedents have been set up.


    8. Deki_te 46 months ago | reply

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    9. Gerald Vonberger 45 months ago | reply

      I remember this map from good ol' business school. It's an old model but it works wonders even today. I've recently discovered that the marketing methods of a business I own aren't really working very well. I want to take over the marketing, but I'm definitely going to need some consulting since I haven't studied marketing for a long time.

    10. neednate 37 months ago | reply

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