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1989: Ice-T In-Store Appearance at Hungry Ear Kailua

(L-R) Emily Micklin, Ice-T, Todd Matsumoto.


From sometime in 1989. So I convinced Luke into letting me buy accessories like posters, buttons, stickers, and satin rock jackets. I remember Oscar coming in one day and saying, "Satan rock jackets?!"


I started buying reggae t-shirts from a guy on the Mainland named Osa Odiase. He had a cool voice; it was like talking to Peter Tosh. Anyway, one day he calls and says he's promoting a show with Ice-T in Hawaii and would we like to set up an in-store. Of course I said yes not knowing what I was getting into.


Sadly, at times it was like the autograph session in Spinal Tap. Somehow I still did not have enough product for Ice-T to sign. But he was very cool with everything unlike Darlene Ortiz, his swimsuit model girlfriend at the time (see the cover of the "Power" LP). She walked in and walked out right away. Probably too many military guys wanting to talk to her. After he put in his two hours, he signed whatever we wanted signed, took pictures with everyone, and left.


A couple of years later, Ice-T came back to Hawaii with his group Body Count. We went to see them at World Cafe but the show was running an hour and a half late already. We saw Ice-T walking through the audience past us to get to the sound board (Scuse me, scuse me, scuse me), clearly pissed at the delay. I told Mary to stop him and tell him "Yo, G, kick it!" but for some reason she decided not to.

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Taken sometime in 1989