• PBS probably has the best HD programs.
  • Mac Mini
  • EyeTV
  • Playstation 2
  • Game Cube
  • Tuner
  • Explorer 8300HD PVR. Spec wise it kicks a Tivo's ass. The interface and usability SUUUUCK. Many annoyances. But it has 2 tuners and records HD so what can you do?

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I've made a couple changes to the TV setup. The HD cable box is out as is the Tivo. After a little difficulty with a CableCard (hint, that technology is not ready yet as the cable companies, cable card makers, and tv makers don't talk to each other) I ended up getting a DVR from my cable company. It records in HD and outputs 5.1 sound, which are big plusses (Tivo can't do those things) and in technical terms it's superior to Tivo, but the interface is ass. Really, from a usability standpoint it's terrible. I'm going to live with it until something better comes along though.

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