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Secret Lives: Episode 42:Tuesday 3/20/2018 | by Teddi Beres
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Secret Lives: Episode 42:Tuesday 3/20/2018

Leonard Cohen on the Oldies station: Everybody Knows

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded - Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed

Tyler: (stops a passing student) Hey, I'm supposed to bring some costumes in for alterations. (knowing Emmi was specifically helping with costumes) Where should I bring them?

Student: (pointing) Backstage, down the main hall, second door on the left.

Tyler: Great, thanks. (his cell chimes as the student nods and continues on his way) Hello?

Romilly: (seated on the sofa, in front of the fireplace, cell phone in one hand, glass of wine near the other) Tyler, darling, where ARE you? The jet landed an hour ago.

Leonard Cohen on the Oldies station: The poor stay poor, the rich get rich - That's how it goes

Tyler: (barely masking his irritation) Hello, Mother. I decided to stop at the gallery on my way. I found a terrific Pearl Shasta to hang.

Romilly: Pearl Shasta? (stares into her wine) I don't think I know the name.

Tyler: She's the Moroccan landscape artist. The one everyone is comparing to Turner. I'm sure I've mentioned her.

Romilly: Oh, I see. One of those fad artists. Darling, what have I told you about fringe artists?

Tyler: (under his breath) If they're not dead white guys, you're not interested?

Leonard Cohen on the Oldies station: Everybody talking to their pockets - Everybody wants a box of chocolates

Romilly: (pauses in sipping her wine) I'm sorry, darling, what was that?

Tyler: I was saying that I have to stop at the dry cleaners as well. I managed to get my coat sleeve in some paint, somehow.

Romilly: Oh, no! Which coat? The Givenchy?

Tyler: No, the Dunhill, I'm afraid. (trying to restrain the glee)

Romilly: (aghast) Oh, NO!

Tyler: Never fear, Mother. I have every confidence that the cleaners will manage it.

Leonard Cohen on the Oldies station: But there were so many people you just had to meet - Without your clothes

Romilly: What a terrible trip, for you.

Tyler: She tripped, I stumbled.

Romilly: What?

Tyler: Sorry, Mother, the reception is spotty. I'll be home in an hour or so. Don't feel you have to wait up.

Romilly: Of course I'll wait up for you. I want to hear every detail of your trip. I'll have Chef prepare your favorite, duck à l’Orange. It should be ready when you arrive. Good bye, darling! (disconnects and sips her wine)

Tyler: (as the mobile phone screen goes black) That's your favorite, Mother. I prefer chicken. (slips the phone into his pocket and makes his way backstage, looking for Emmilynn)

Tracy: Dan and Helen have been gone quite a while, haven't they? (checking his Rolex)

Cheri: I'm sure they're all right. What could happen between here and the school? Maybe they're just having a chat about things, you know.

Tracy: You and Helen have been friends since you were children, haven't you?

Cheri: Since kindergarten. And Dan, too, almost as long. That's what happens when you grow up in a town as small as Village Green.

Leonard Cohen on the Oldies station: Everybody knows, everybody knows - That's how it goes - Everybody knows

Tracy: It must be nice, knowing everyone.

Cheri: It can be, but it can also be intrusive. It doesn't take much for everyone to know your business.

Tracy: I suppose that's true, but you might be surprised.

Cheri: About what?

Tracy: About how well real secrets can be kept, even in a small town.

Leonard Cohen on the Oldies station: And everybody knows that the Plague is coming - Everybody knows that it's moving fast

Cheri: Real secrets?

Tracy: You know, scandals. Sure, everyone knows somebody's kid broke a window, or someone's got a close relationship with the bottle, but the deep, dark kind. There are things people keep to themselves, my dear.

Cheri: (teasing) What about you? What deep, dark secret do YOU have?

Tracy: (looks around, leans down to whisper in her ear) I absolutely detest the flavor of wine. It's all sweetened vinegar to me.

Leonard Cohen on the Oldies station: But there's gonna be a meter on your bed - That will disclose - What everybody knows

Cheri: (looks at him in surprise) But, you're Chairman of the Village Vineyard Association!

Tracy: (motions for her to keep her voice down and whispers) I can't tell a claret from a clarinet.

Cheri: But -- but how do you manage it?

Leonard Cohen on the Oldies station: To the beach of Malibu - Everybody knows it's coming apart

Tracy: Dearest, there is an app for everything.

Cheri: Oh. My. God. (smiles widely) I think I love you even more!

Tracy: Yes, scoundrels have that effect.

Cheri: (laughs and snuggles him)

Leonard Cohen on the Oldies station: Everybody knows, everybody knows - That's how it goes - Everybody knows - Everybody knows


(Thank you SO very much to Morgan for dropping everything and playing Romilly Griffin to the stylish, self-centered hilt. -giggles- )

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Uploaded on March 20, 2018