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The Marlboro Man? | by ZGrmy
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The Marlboro Man?

A day at the zoo with the kids and came across Benny, our white-cheeked gibbon, having a smoke - lol - after enlarging the image, I can see that it is a bird feather. Now the question is........... did Benny FIND the feather???............ or did he GET the feather from the bird wearing it..............

Only Benny knows.........


Free flight birds have been introduced to Tropic World after many years of being absent.........


Benny is a White-Cheeked Gibbon, a lesser ape (not a monkey). He has sired two male offspring with female gibbon, Indah. Thani (born April 3, 2009), lives with mom and dad at Brookfield Zoo, Tropic World/Asia. Their 1st offspring, Melouprey was born in December 1998 and now lives at another zoo where he is paired with a female.


***Adult males are black in color while adult females are buff or blondish color.

Both males and females are born buff and molt to black within their first year of life. When the females start to mature (around 5-6 yrs old) they go through a second molt from black back to buff. It is really fascinating as they molt to see them a greyish color with the mixture of black and buff fur.

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Taken on August 4, 2011