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The Poser

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Przewalski's Horse

Pronouned sheh-val-skee ( and I pronounce it wrong every time!!)


It is not very long ago, these wild horses were extinct in the wild. Thanks to captive breeding programs, they are now being reintroduced.


"The Przewalski's Horse is the closest living relative of the domestic horse. Like their cousins the zebra and the wild ass, all horses are in the family Equidae."


Brookfield Zoo has 3 females, so no breeding at this time.


from San Diego Zoo website

It is thought that the Przewalski's horse has never have been successfully domesticated. They live in two kinds of large, distinct social groups: harem groups and bachelor groups. Harem groups rarely have more than 10 mares (females) and their offspring up to two or three years of age, led by one dominant stallion (male). Foals (babies) are born after an 11-month gestation period, and they must be up and moving with the group about 30 minutes after birth. Foals stay with the group they were born into until they are sexually mature.

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Taken on January 9, 2011