• The old homestead
  • The Bayou - didn't have concrete walls when I was crossing it everyday to walk to school.
  • Zappo's Sandwiches - better than Schlotzsky's because they used beer to make their bread. My brother worked here for a spell.
  • The Carwash - No girls in rollerskates and bikinis, but plenty of guys with afros
  • The General Cinema used to be here; where I stood in line for 6 hours to see Star Wars (the original, yo) on opening day. Twice.
  • St.Thomas Episcopal
    Grades 2 through 8
  • Meyerland Plaza
    A crappy mall at the time, but still a good place to hang out and read magazines
  • 7-11/CircleK
    where I mastered Galaga and bought shredded beef jerkey and Big League Chew
  • Bellaire High School
    I would have gone here,
    but we moved.
  • Dorian Daroh's house.
    My best friend until I laughed
    at him when a pen exploded in
    his mouth.
  • Beth Campbell's House
    She lived next to Dorian.
    Her dad raced pigeons and
    she had all the Star Wars
    figurines and spaceships.
  • Erin Watkins house.
    Erin was pretty, had a swimming pool, tennis court, and trampoline.
    I liked Erin a lot.
  • The yard I would cut through
    to jump the "ditch" to get to

Bellaire Texas

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My childhood... hood. Many of the old houses (including the one I grew up in) are gone and replaced with two story monstrosities.

  1. sixfoot6 ages ago | reply

    Very nice. I especialy like your 7-11 note.

  2. Chim Chim ages ago | reply

    what really amazes me is how small my universe was back then. granted, i ventured beyond the boundaries of this image for little league and swimming lessons, but this was pretty much the geographic extent of my experience growing up.

  3. Casimir 100 months ago | reply

    It was a U-tote-M then a Circle K.

    Also, there was no beer in the Zappo's dough. It was just flour, water, salt and (IIRC Anheuser-Busch) yeast.

  4. Chim Chim 100 months ago | reply

    ah! of course! how could I have forgotten that it was a U-tote-M? Thanks Cass.

  5. ssunshowers 72 months ago | reply

    haha i live in bellaire right now
    and you're right, they're tearing down all the one stories and building a whole smorgasbord of houses....all types...on one street you'll see a mediterranean with a simple brick and also some contemporary house with a tin roof and one window. it's crazy. but i like it.

  6. flickr4jazz 67 months ago | reply

    Ha!!! I can see the location of the house I grew up in during the '70s.

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