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Tagged.... sorry for the delay

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The idea is.. post any pic and then say 16 things about yourself.. Then Tag 16 others..


1. In high school, I was far too sheltered but by my own doing. My friends called me "angel" because I would never do anything wrong. Well to prove to myself I could shake things up, I got a cliche' tramp stamp at 18 that supposedly says "Angel" in Japanese characters. It probably really says mustard and is a constant reminder to laugh at myself :)


2. I'm long winded at times and annoy myself by not getting to the point quicker... hence #1.


3. I never saw myself as a stay-at-home mom until I looked at the face of my newborn son. I'm so blessed that we can make it work for me to be with my kiddos while they're young. However, I am no PTA mom. I have a degree in Vocal Performance and my dream is to be part of my city's opera company and teach private voice. One of my greatest fears is that I'll never get back into music.


4. At 17, my 2 best friends had an "intervention" with me about how they are scared of me when I'm angry. My step-brother told me I was bossy and intimidating when he first met me. I was 18. At 20, my best friend told me she hopes she never gets on my bad side. I'm happy to say that a few years and motherhood have made me aware of how important patience and forgiveness is. And all those people have told me they see the change.


5. I'm and outgoing introvert. Doesn't make sense? Sure it does! I have no problem talking to new people and being a social bridge to introduce friends. However I don't always feel comfortable doing it and would rather be at home with my family most of the time.


6. I was in the Army Reserves from age 17 to 25. I was put on alert to deploy to Iraq 3 times. My unit was mobilized twice, and for some reason or another they didn't need me to go. I feel lucky that I didn't have to go through that, but incredibly guilty at the same time.


7. When I was in 7th grade, a friend of mine and I had a "serious talk" about how we need to calm down our hyperness at least in the halls of school. We thought we were scaring people and were probably right.


8. My dad died a year ago and I never shed a tear. I don't believe I ever will and think that everyone's life he was in is better now that he's gone. That in itself is the only real thing that makes me sad about his death. People may think that's sad or cruel, but sometimes the reality is harder to see. I am a stronger and more independent woman for having him as a father, so I can always be grateful for that and hope that he found his way to heaven.


9. I learned very young to not play the victim. I hate when people don't take responsibility for their actions and make excuses. Only you can be responsible for you.


10. My husband and son are my whole heart and world. It's strange for me to imagine a life before them and can't wait for my little girl who is due in a few weeks :).


11. I just noticed that I'm suppose to have 16 things... not 10. And this is why I hope my braincells return upon delivery, lol!


12. My husband is the only person in my RL that knows I play SL. I tried to explain it to my mom once and she got lost and confused around the part where I had to host an event at a club while she was visiting. Pretty sure she pretends that conversation didn't happen.


13. Game-shmame, some of you are my real friends and I cherish you in my life like we see each other face to face everyday <3333


14. I pierced my tongue at 19. Yeah, see #1 and the tattoo debacle for an explanation why I lost that within a few months.


15. I have no desire to go to my high school reunion this year, even if one of my friends is mad at me about it. I still see and talk to who I want to anyway, so whatevs


16. I'm kind of afraid of my daughter ending up looking like an ogre with a face only a mother could love. That's HORRIBLE, I know, but my son is so cute I think we used up all our good genes on him!


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