Pizza Man

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    1. Jeff Milner 107 months ago | reply

      This makes me so hungry.

    2. Jeff Milner 103 months ago | reply

      Please make another one and this time, don't skimp on the cheese. Also you'd better take both pre and post baked photos.

    3. Louise. 103 months ago | reply

      It was fetta cheese.

    4. David de Groot 103 months ago | reply

      You're famous (or is that Infamous) now Jane! ;-)

    5. yinyang 103 months ago | reply

      no anchovies - good move :-)

    6. David de Groot 103 months ago | reply

      Can't agree with you there Albert, you have to have anchovies!

    7. The Sage of Shadowdale 103 months ago | reply

      Can't agree with you there David. Anchovies...puke! (Hmmm...Pizza wars! <grin>)

    8. David de Groot 103 months ago | reply

      hehehe Anchovies are an aquired taste. I never used to like them, but their delicious saltiness has won me over. My youngest son eats them straight off the chopping board (mind you, he also like kalamata olives, smoked salmon and various other yummy things).

    9. The Sage of Shadowdale 102 months ago | reply

      He sounds like my #2 - loves olives, capers and other things most 4 year olds would never even touch. Although, as far as pizza goes, both my boys are very much carnivores (or should that be meatasauruses?); their pizzas must have meat, meat & more meat!

    10. David de Groot 102 months ago | reply

      Oddly Aleks won't eat capsicum on most things (unless cut very small), but insists on capsicum on his pizza ('cause that's how they did it at pre-school). However, meat is definitely the order of the day for most things.

      Oh, btw, Jane, this stranger having popping in to discuss pizza is Mike. Mike, this clever and creative young lass is Jane.

      There introductions done :)

    11. Louise. 102 months ago | reply

      Do you know Mike, David?

    12. The Sage of Shadowdale 102 months ago | reply

      Yeah, Hi all. I'm Mike, a boring Database Administrator with a Comp Sci degree working at a Law Firm in Sydney.

      I came across Jane's stream through David's pizza photo (which led me to happyhappypizza, etc., etc.). Tangents, tangents.

      I don't really know David, except through Flickr. We tend to comment on each other's photostreams a bit and are in a couple of the same groups.

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