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aposematism 1

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My second installment in the Predator & Prey series features two tiny predators the Black Widow Spider or Western Widow spider (Latrodectus Hesperus) and the Common Wasp or Yellow Jacket (Vespula vulgaris) both of which display aposematic coloration and are common to the backyards of the western United States. Aposematism is a strategy used by many species of plants and animals whereby they advertise their presence as a warning to predators of their unpalatable or dangerous nature. Aposematic warnings maybe in the form of sounds, odors, and often in the form of vivid coloration as displayed by our two combatants. Though the adult Yellow Jacket typically feeds on nectar and fruit, they also hunt prey to feed to their larvae and this one has stumbled into the lair of a dangerous adversary. Will the hunter become the hunted? There is a wealth of macro wildlife photos on flickr which I found quite inspiring not to mention my fellow Lego builders who have shouldered the difficult task of emulating arthropods with the brick over the years and recently with the Battlebugs theme.

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  1. LegOscar 48 months ago | reply

    Oh wow, can't find words for this. Just amazing!

  2. pilho 48 months ago | reply

    This is a beautiful scene and the creatures themselves are very well executed. Fave'd.

  3. billbobful 48 months ago | reply

    Put minifigs on them for a battle XD that would be so cool XD

  4. Mt.Dew Monkey 48 months ago | reply

    Ouch, you just caused me a personal injury. My jaw hit the floor and your creation caused it. LOL This is why I love LEGO, sometimes language just can't describe something like a sculpture or an image of your creation. In any language you'll be able to hear the clicking sound of people's jaws hitting the floor like mine did. Great Work!

  5. W°○lfy 48 months ago | reply

    Juste awesome !!

  6. Ryan Rubino 48 months ago | reply

    Thanks guys glad you enjoyed it.

    The scale would be way off. Besides already demonstrated that the Coconut Crab is the upper limit for a terrestrial arthropod with an exoskeleton. Just kidding I'm sure it would look pretty cool.

    Thanks. Just have your insurance company contact mine and I'll be sure to put up a disclaimer on the set stating that viewing these images can cause serious injuries.

  7. dog.happy.art 48 months ago | reply


    Seen in -

    Animals In Your Art

  8. Doctor Mobius 48 months ago | reply

    Are you, and this likely to make it to BrickCon this year?

  9. Ryan Rubino 48 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the reply.

    Wish I could. I was there in 2007. This year a couple of friends and myself are going to Brickworld and I'll probably bring this layout. Unlikely I'll be able to afford a second convention this year, maybe next year though.

  10. origamiPete 48 months ago | reply

    you are my new lego hero! superiror! =)

  11. ✠ROCKETMAN✠ 48 months ago | reply

    this is insanely awesome!!!! faved

  12. Ryan Rubino 47 months ago | reply

    Thanks guys.

    Thanks. I was quite impressed by some of the origami I've seen including yours.

  13. DARKspawn 47 months ago | reply

    Excellent, that red-back is fantastic, love the wasp too

  14. Benny Brickster 46 months ago | reply

    Wow, it's perfect! The spider is so intimidating and creepy looking.

  15. Ryan Rubino 45 months ago | reply

    You must be an Aussie. Thanks it's the Red Back's North American cousin stalking the wasp.

    Thanks a lot.

  16. Yoshifan151 [deleted] 39 months ago | reply

    Dang, that is the coolest Lego animal diorama I have ever seen! (Seriously). Is it stable, is seems very fragile. Great nontheless!

  17. Ryan Rubino 39 months ago | reply

    Thanks, and yes it is reasonably stable. The wasp is actually connected to the weed stems by three technic pins and the spider is weight balanced on 4 short weed stems. The dio is still together and seems to remain stable.

  18. xtofcorthay 36 months ago | reply

    O_O !!!!! no words !!

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