Not your ususal tour bus

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    From the web site: "Traveling in original WW II DUKW amphibious vehicles, this 90 minute tour will take you through the city of Washington DC before splashing down into the Potomac River for the most unique ride and tour of your vacation! "

    1. pointybunny 85 months ago | reply

      oh Duck Tours! we have those in Boston too. Have you been on one?

    2. ehpien 85 months ago | reply

      Hi pointybunny! Can't say that I have ever been in one!

    3. shelby1half [deleted] 85 months ago | reply

      That's fascinating! Although I don't think I will sign up anytime soon!

    4. Monique Lavoie © 2014 85 months ago | reply

      They used that kind of vehicules during the summer for tours on the Ottawa river ... I will never go on it ..

    5. billadler 85 months ago | reply

      I've heard that the Duck tour is great fun, and from your photo I think I know why! Terrific photograph.

    6. ehpien 85 months ago | reply

      Shelby1half, I would rather stand on the curb or watch from the shoreline.

      Chelsea, I don't think I will go on one anytime soon!

      Bill, thanks! There have been "incidents" else where in the past. But it does look like fun. Remember the cars that could also go in the water as a boat?

    7. MakingMemories(Deja-Vu photography) 85 months ago | reply

      great shot..we have duck tours in Boston

    8. andertho 84 months ago | reply

      they are wild.

      i see them all the time when i'm on my bike on the mount vernon trail... have to try one someday.

    9. Just-breathe 84 months ago | reply

      Sounds like fun! a great way to see the city!

    10. wabush123 84 months ago | reply

      how cool is this

    11. ehpien 84 months ago | reply

      msummerchick, thanks for the visit.
      Andertho, thanks for commenting and visiting!
      Just-Breathe, thanks!
      Wabush, I appreciate it!

    12. Christian Wilt 84 months ago | reply

      very interesting picture

    13. cowgirlrightup 84 months ago | reply

      How cute...i never seen one before. Nice find!

    14. ehpien 84 months ago | reply

      Thanks Christiwild!
      Thanks for the visit Cowgirlrightup!

    15. ♥loveberries 84 months ago | reply

      lol! This is too awesome!

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    16. cruel shoes 84 months ago | reply

      LOL I saw a TV segment about these one time. Don't they sell goofy duck hats with a squeaky bill too? Great shot

    17. Jedi Master Ratti 83 months ago | reply

      These are fun. I went on a Duck tour in the Wisconsin Dells many years ago. I was maybe ten or eleven and the driver let me steer the thing while we were in the water! Quite a treat for a kid!

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