A Shropshire Lad - The Archive
23rd March 2015

Ben Norton Davies was the Documentarian / Archivist on the R&D workshop for "A Shropshire Lad". These are his photos of the process.

A community-involved show by Niall Ashdown, based on the poems of A.E. Housman. This R&D was supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England (www.artscouncil.org.uk/)

This is our tribe...

The Company, on and off

Ben Norton Davies (photography, video, prose, poetry, drawings, twitter)

And also...
Amie Taylor (shadow pictures)
Jennifer Lunn (photography, Twitter)
Jenifer Toksvig (photography, Twitter)
Sabine Cornic (blog)

Anthony Ingle (Musical Direction)
Ellan Parry (Design)
Gregor Truter (History)
Jennifer Lunn (School Involvement, Story Gathering, Egg Hiding)
Jenifer Toksvig (Space Holding)
Louise Voce (Stage Management)
Niall Ashdown (Writing / Composition)
Tom Greaves (Choreography)

Rebecca Armstrong
Wilf Ashdown
Archie Truter
Lola Truter

James Hadley (ACE)
Kas Darley
Matthew Woodyatt
Mark Fraser
Mike Shepherd
Sharon Eckman
Sharon Moloney
Stella Duffy
Stephanie Scarlet

Amie Taylor (shadow picture maker)
Sabine Cornic (perfumer)

Anthony Ingle (The Pianist, piano, accordion)
David Eaton (The Lovelorn Lad)
Jonathan Bidgood (The Family Man, accordion, percussion)
John Fitzpatrick (The Ploughman)
James Charlton (The Recruit)
Katie Birtill (The Sweetheart)
Maggie Saunders (The Wife)
Mary Price O'Connor (The Mother, violin, tin whistle)
Ruby Ashdown (The Younger Sister)

Adrian Smith (crowdfunding)
Ali Durrant (crowdfunding)
Alison Smith (crowdfunding)
Amie Taylor (homemade cake)
Andy Smart (crowdfunding)
Anne Marie Varberg (crowdfunding)
BB Cooper (crowdfunding)
Ben Norton Davies (crowdfunding)
Brian Tarnoff (crowdfunding)
Bristol Old Vic (costume hire)
Carine Osmont (crowdfunding)
Carl Rostrup (crowdfunding)
Catherine Arton-Still (crowdfunding)
Charles in Guildford (crowdfunding)
Chris Sollett (crowdfunding)
Claire Rivers (crowdfunding)
Dan Orme (crowdfunding)
Danny and Sarah (crowdfunding)
David Temple-Morris (crowdfunding)
Dudley Rees (crowdfunding)
Emma Manton (crowdfunding)
Guy Dartnell (crowdfunding)
J Grainger (crowdfunding)
Jennifer Lunn (crowdfunding)
Jonathan Bidgood (homemade bagels and homemade instruments)
Kas Darley (crowdfunding)
Lee Simpson (crowdfunding)
Louise Voce (crowdfunding)
MakeBelieve Arts: Claire, Louise, Pippa, Trisha (space)
Martyn Blunt (crowdfunding)
Matthew Barley (crowdfunding)
Matthew Cochrane (crowdfunding)
Matthew Thomas (crowdfunding)
Mike Sedge (crowdfunding)
Natalie Lovejoy (crowdfunding)
Nick Ashdown (crowdfunding)
Pamela Grayson (crowdfunding)
Rebecca Armstrong (crowdfunding)
Sabina Netherclift (crowdfunding)
Sally (crowdfunding)
Sam Hoyle (crowdfunding)
Sharon Eckman (crowdfunding)
Simon Pollard (crowdfunding)
Stella Duffy (crowdfunding and moral support)
Steph Curtis (crowdfunding)
Stephan Langston (crowdfunding)
Stuart Every (crowdfunding)
Teresa Howard (crowdfunding)
Victoria Eward (crowdfunding)
Wendy (crowdfunding)
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