The Chaosbaby Project
This project was funded by Arts Council England through the National Lottery, and supported by MakeBelieve Arts in Deptford.

Rehearsals / performances were mostly held at MakeBelieve Arts, but occasionally at Goldsmiths University, and the National Theatre Studio.

The Chaosbaby Company comprises the following theatre makers.

** Performance Company **
Amie Taylor
Ana Brothers
Clive Moore
Connie Tancredi Brice Girvan
Emma Deakin
Jen Lunn
Jen Toksvig
John Fitzpatrick
Jonathan Bidgood
Kas Darley
Maggie Saunders
Mary Price-O'Connor
Michelle Witton
Sasha Brooks
Stella Duffy
Stephanie Smith
Tom Ross Williams

** Missing Children **
David Mumeni
Eleanor Lawrence
Lauren Cooney
Martina Horrigan
Olly Hawes
Sarah Robertson
Sharon Eckman
Simon Pollard
Trisha Lee

** Contributing Makers **
Aaron Buskin
Alice Murphy
Aisha Manneh-Velazquez and Nikita
Andy Harmon
Angela Clerkin
Anna Coombs
Anne Chamberlain
Blair Zayne
Brendan Gregory
Cindy Oswin
Diego Akselrad
Francesca Peschier
Francine Huin-Wah
Jamie Zubairi
Joanna Woodward
Jonny Liron
Kane Bixley
Karen Morash and Zoe
Kate Lane and Lola
Kate Marlais
Kath Burlinson
Lawrence O'Connor
Lewis Barfoot
Lily O'Connor
Lucy Pitman-Wallace
Maddy Costa
Mark Trezona
Martyn Duffy
Rebecca Manson-Jones
Rupert Jones
Ruth Eliot
Sam Marks
Sarah Chew
Shelley Silas
Siobhan O’Kelly
Slavik Kirichok
Tanya Moody
Tracey Wilkinson

** With many thanks to... **
Improbable and D&D
MakeBelieve Arts
Mike Handley /
The National Theatre Studio
Purni Morell

These photos were mostly taken by Jen Toksvig, with a few noted exceptions, and are copyright (c) 2010-2013 by The Chaosbaby Project.

They are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License (
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