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[LCC][GC4] Bothemor Keep | by Rifiröfi
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[LCC][GC4] Bothemor Keep

This is my entry to the LCC Global Contest #4


Assigned MOC: Bothemor Keep by Brother Steven, Garheim.





Part 1: Loreesi plans


Huhu, those Garhims have absolutely no idea what is coming at them: me, Captain Wats de Dealio and my fierce Loreesi soldier with mighty war elephants. Now that those sushi lovers are heading south we will raid their villages above the teeth of Garheim mountain range. The city of Rothburg is still well defended but there is definitely not enough men for regular patrols. The world Garheim is my oyster! Watch out, we are coming!


Part 2: Wolfgang arrives


Brother Steven, who has been left in charge of the city of Rothburg after Sir Angus left to war, was discussing city matters with his monks of St. Jonah as someone knocked on the door. As the door opened the sound of an angry crowd filled the chamber.


"I am truly sorry to bother you, Brother Steven, but there is a situation that requires your immediate attention." - stated the captain of the city watch.


"It is alright, captain. What is this urgent matter?" - asked Brother Steven.


"A small group of travellers led by a werewolf by the name of Wolfgang von Wolfpack showed up a the gates. They seemed harmless so we let them into the city. They started to ask the citizens about a certain thing I would not dare to say, causing a riot. We saved them in the last moment before their lynching."


"Please bring them to me, captain."


The guards escorted a group of five into the chamber.


"Dear Sir, could you please explain the situation?" - asked Brother Steven kindly.


"All I can say that I am deeply disappointed by the garhim hospitality. It is an outrage how innocent travellers are treated here!" - said Wolfgang angrily.


"What happened?"


"Well, we stayed in Loreos for a while, it is a nice country with friendly people, who love Garheim. Actually, they are quite obsessed! They always talk about Garhim pigs."


At this point the eyes of the captain started twitching.


"Wh... Could you please repeat it?" - asked Brother Steven.


"Garhim pigs!" - repeated Wolfgang. The captain started to grunt. "Does the good captain feel well? Anyway, I myself am a gourmand and always look for regional cooking traditions so we came to Garheim. Could you please recommend us an inn where we could eat some of those famous pigs?"


The captain seemed to having a seizure so his men carried him out. Brother Steven stand there speechless for a moment. Those Loreesi! Now that Angus's highlander band is gone, we are short of soldiers: Rothburg is safe with the garrison, but we can't launch any counter-attacks without leaving it unarmed. They even sent an outlaw gang to cause disturbance! Hmm, with a twist we could turn them against the Loreesi!


"Dear Sir, I have an offer for you. As you might know there is a war going on. Our scouts reported several Loreesi ships in the area and we are short of men. We can defend the city but the nearby Bothemor keep is more or less unprotected now. If you and your men move to the keep and defend it against the Loreesi, you will be rewarded with pigs."


"The finest ones?"


"Y.. Yes, the finest ones."




Part 3: Wats de Dealio's troubles


They should have said at the briefing that Garheim is cold!!!

As the first war elephant sneezed we all laughed at the poor man who happened to stand in front of its trunk. Now all the elephant have caught a cold and sneeze constantly. It is like a jazz band made of only trumpeters... How am I supposed to conduct surprise attacks? In the end I had to send the elephants back to the ships.


I've had enough of the cold, we need a warm place! Hmmm, there is a keep on that hilltop. I don't think that we can rely on the Garhim hospitality, we have to use our secret weapon: the Loreesi battering ram monkey!




"Tell me Wolfgang, was it worth it? - asked Zlorf.


"Hmm, I don't understand this Loreesi hype about Garhim pigs, these taste like regular pigs to me..."


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More photos will be uploaded on Monday!

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Taken on May 18, 2013