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Vase with limb DSC_4775 | by ..Russ..
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Vase with limb DSC_4775

A draped cloth, a vase and a flower or a branch with no more than three leaves... what to do with this.


I was out in our storage shed and I saw an old olive oil decanter over in the corner, it's all covered in dust and spider webs; kinda grimy and dirty it was.


I got to thinking: a dead branch with a couple of leaves on it sticking into a dusty, dirty vase such as this, yeah that just might work well.


I placed it in front of some curtains in our house... No! that didn't work!


I have this black cloth... No.

Green... No.

Purple... NO!!

White.. ok lets go with white.


Shots taken with my 70/300 zoom... too close.

Shots taken with my 18/55 OK but I wanted a bit more definition.

Pull out my 40mm prime...OK, doable.


I'm at work and I drape the cloth over our counter and over a computer monitor and a microphone. It's the microphone that's giving the extra gathers that the branch is going up into.


Regular exposure: ok.

On board flash: too bright on the cloth, I want some shadow in the gathers.

External flash bounced off ceiling tiles: Doable.


Onto Gimp: two layers from same exposure and one layer sepia toned with a mask back for the green leaves from the first layer: Doable!



6. You are allowed only three elements for this assignment: 1) a piece of fabric for draping, 2) a vase, and 3) a single flower OR a single branch with no more than three leaves. This is a compositional exercise. Create a sense of continuity and visual flow between the lines of the drapery, the shape of the vase and the arc of the stem to direct the viewer's attention to the flower or leaves.

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Taken on June 22, 2013