Pride of Aloha Cruise -- December 2005
We took a one-week cruise of the Hawaiian Islands in December 2005 on the Pride of Aloha. Even though we live in the Islands, the deal offered by NCL was just too good to miss. Having seen most of the sights in the past, we did not have to leave the ship in port. So, we had her all to ourselves most of the time.

In spite of bad reports you may have read, this is a very nice ship with a good all-American crew. We were well-treated, and the food was excellent.

The ship passes closely along the Na Pali coastline of Kaua'i, which is very spectacular. Our other cruise has some excellent pictures of it:

The other spectacular passage is the night transit of the lava flows on the south side of the "Big Island" of Hawai'i. The scene is awesome. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get any good photos. We have one fuzzy picture posted here.

Since our cruise, the Aloha has been re-named and re-flagged and will be cruising other parts of the world.
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