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Gotta love carney rides! | by Jaquandor
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Gotta love carney rides!

This ride appears every year at The Fair, and I always forget to get a photo of it, just because it totally cracks me up. I love the "Star Trek" theme, even though it can't really CALL itself "Star Trek", so it just rips off everything else. Although either they've got Scotty standing there beside Kirk and Spock, or they've got McCoy in the wrong color shirt. I think the latter, but you never know. And check out the chin they gave William Shatner!


The ride involves these little cars into which riders climb; these are mounted to a circular track that is in turn mounted to a long mechanical arm. Imagine a capital letter 'T', with the stem of the T being the mechanical arm and the circular track centered on the spot where the stem of the T intersects the top bar, OK? The cars start spinning around the track, faster and faster, until they're whipping around pretty good (picture one of those NASA g-force training machines, with about twenty cars instead of just one whipping around). Then slowly the T stands up on end, until the cars are now whipping around vertically as opposed to merely horizontally.


I got this photo when the ride was in its fully elevated position. Anyway, I like the kitschy decor.

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Uploaded on August 13, 2006