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Goj-wahn-wahn-i_ALTERN8 berry ~ RANDy-up-big_thumx from pAuL mArtin PaUl MARTIN PAUL mArTin HE THE MAN! | by Wyn Yip
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Goj-wahn-wahn-i_ALTERN8 berry ~ RANDy-up-big_thumx from pAuL mArtin PaUl MARTIN PAUL mArTin HE THE MAN!

um u mightv wondrin been were ive been yes and morrocco is my month of times past, by the Little bull, bulli-well, via jericho, let me mwut-mwuuut, MWUH, ive been, place, oh boy what a man! so much honesty so anyway back to catching the ferry there laugh? i says back to tarifa pronto, so these boys catch a coupla cold nooo, not boys like me, old boys, u know, came out of the party shop, a couple of, er, flogged em, flogged me this camel red moonshine full of goji - mwahn - mwahn - ruby red like this GROP SHOG bottle. i was like, 70% proof f*** off! is that?!' and they told me goji, goji berry never it must brandy be so it out turns its not a lot like rum, more, er, by that whatsis, uncle, u know, that colonial PRICK pitt wotsisface, sat on the bus, just off, just off magdalen road, reading castanenda - rivers? no, not him! that japanese fella, just off, just by, anchor, is it anchor? You know! wotsisname, that chinese fella, oh yes, yesh, I remember now, Doctor e-Moto - no, not Anu, ANU IS GOD - no, its Doctor E-something-or-ther - u no, the water king proved that it has feelings, remember? the water, u must of, mustard heard, by the bridge, that concrete bridge over the Isis (chk-chk-chk-checkout the ores), near, er, YOU KNOW DOCTOR E-FUKIN-MOTO next to the paper clip by the lamp, u know, u u have heard of him, right? the guy in the sack cloth, the homeless guy that follows me there, every tuesday he's there, as sure as harmony comes tp - wait -

wait on p-p-p-port meadow, u have to go there, but get this - back on the don't go in the bit which says KEEP OUT its TOXIC - bottle, yeah, u heard right the first time, u got it before u even had time to think, but it gets approval from half a - arfur dayley? affadavit? affa pint on me man, hang-on, u'll never believe this, left at sepulka's well there's a well care in the community place by the canal, that's where that bloke in the sack cloth, 24-0-0, next to LUCY's it all started at LUCY'S, u know, with eagles - on the front gates? no, but seriously, it actually came from PAUL MARTIN - the bloke off "flog it". i love that show! paul martin is a big b-b-bilbo-kock slobbin bag-bog of my hero sold me the stuff, and that - to cut a long story short - is how i ended up with 20 bottles of morrocan moonshine.

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Taken on December 22, 2010