The Ugliest Shoe Ever

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    Now where were these shoes when I needed something for the tacky catergory last month at the MSH??? Every season there is always a style of shoe sitting on the shelves at walmart that makes me stop and say WTF is that...That is so god awful ugly! This is that pair. Last year around this time was a pair of camo stiletto heels. Who would wear camo stillettos? A cross dressing deer hunter???

    Submitted for April's THC # 12 - Stop pulling my leg - Serioulsy? Did Walmart really sell any of these?

    Submitted for June's TMSH # 12 - Clothing with animal print

    1. Pink Fluffy 89 months ago | reply

      waaaahh!! :D pretty cool.. awesome!!! ^__^

    2. мαиєкιαяα 89 months ago | reply

      woooooooooow! very very coooooool!

    3. Doc Holly 89 months ago | reply

      WOOOO I love those!!

    4. cdglove2fish 89 months ago | reply

      OMG!! Seriously...who would wear those!! LOL Maybe when I was younger.... =D

    5. jade19721 89 months ago | reply

      You guys crack me up. I uploaded the photo, let to take my son to an appt and come back and discover 4 comments on here. Those of you that said you love these..Are you serious???

      @ Cindy - I think we found who would wear I know what to send those guys for christmas. I just need to know what color they want them

    6. Michelle in Ireland 89 months ago | reply

      holy zesus! that's fierce looking!

    7. jade19721 89 months ago | reply

      No kidding..They scare me!

      I did however find an outfit that they would go with. I never thought I could, but of course ole Walmart came to the rescue. It's a leopard print 2 piece skirt and blouse set. It's in the same color as the heel part. Now I don't really think that the green ones would go with it, but the tans one in the back would. Would I still wear it?? Not a chance.

    8. phoenixesrose 85 months ago | reply

      Ok Jade, these would go as a "berlin fashion" feature - really. If you've seen so many of the pictures I've uploaded from Berlin shop windows - you know what I mean.

      I wonder if I could have you buy a few pairs and list them on eBay Germany - they would probabally sell.... it seems people here are into these hideous (there's no other word for it) things....

      I will note that the tan pair behind this one aren't nearly so bad... though they are bad too.

    9. Owlet2007 71 months ago | reply

      OMG ... these are just awful!

    10. rhodaboxer 71 months ago | reply

      umm....I rather like them! But then I would also fall down if they were on my feet so who am I to even attempt to wear them?

    11. Doc Holly 71 months ago | reply

      ..and 19 months later I still love them.. it must be the 70's calling .. but i like funky animal print. Would I wear them.. not in a bazillion years. but that doesn't mean I don't like them either.

    12. jade19721 71 months ago | reply

      19 months later I have sat and stared at these things and tried to like them, but just can't do it.. The tan ones in the back are not as awful as they first appeared and if given the right outfit and the right legs for it I "might" wear them. But the green ones up front..Nah..Still would not do it.

    13. Mighty Heidi 70 months ago | reply

      OMG! I have the exact same picture

      Ugly Shoes

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