Desk Trauma

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    Never buy a glass desk!

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    1. N▲t▲n 116 months ago | reply

      I have that same desk and I've had to stand on it many times to turn the lights on and off. It's never shattered but I certainly won't do that again!

    2. Rebelxtnut 116 months ago | reply

      Ouch that had to hurt, howd it happen tho
      -- (?)

    3. The Blind Glass 116 months ago | reply

      I think he said up there somewhere that he just came home to it like this. Sorry but I just think a glass desk is a terrible idea.

    4. Illuminated 116 months ago | reply

      I have a glass desk too not the same one but some what like it. There is a weight limit ... if you exceed the weight the glass will break. id suggest you get another one but get a flat panel monitor instead or if thats an imac from back in the day get a new one they are thiner and lighter problem solved.

    5. reidsolberg 116 months ago | reply

      You should have bought the iRack.

    6. now at /jaspertandy [deleted] 116 months ago | reply

      that sucks :(

      I was going to buy a glass desk, but I don't think I'll bother now!

    7. etherboy2007 116 months ago | reply

      whew, looks like the bong made it!

    8. Bukkakefighter 116 months ago | reply

      I use a glass desk just fine and I put a 42" LCD Monitor/TV and a 22" Acer LCD on top of it. The problem is that you just bought a cheap piece of crap and exceeded its feeble weight limit

    9. matikz 116 months ago | reply

      I used to work for a furniture store and I can say tempered glass breaks for no reason at all. The glass shelves would just break in my hands all the time as well as the tops of our glass dinning room table. Nothing like someone looking to buy a table and watching it shatter in front of their eyes for no apparent reason.

    10. nihilist pancake 116 months ago | reply

      I once fell through a glass coffee table. Scary.

    11. F_I_N_N_M_E_R_C_H_A_N_T 115 months ago | reply

      i will remember never to buy one

    12. _wli 114 months ago | reply

      lucky i have a wooden desk

    13. Biggersis 110 months ago | reply

      Dude, you should have read some office furniture reviews before buying that desk! LOL

    14. Subaru WRX 98 months ago | reply

      I have a glass desk from EQ3 that I bought back in 2004, so far, so good but I had a piece of plywood cut, painted electric blue and it is now underneath the glass. I have two expensive LCD monitors on it plus an iMac G4 as well. I looked at the IKEA glass desk but one thing crossed my mind is getting a tint film so if it explodes, the tint keeps it together - less shards of glass.

    15. Bennett family Oz 66 months ago | reply

      Our Ikea glass coffee table exploded yesterday. Our daughter was sitting nearby and she suffered cuts to her leg. Only minor cuts and we were lucky - the whole room was covered in glass. Beware glass coffee tables!!!

    16. 8lettersuk 65 months ago | reply

      yeah the more I think about it the more I think glass furniture is a bad idea especially since we also had an incident with the dining table

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