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8f8 - Beautiful Imperfections - COLLECTION | by iBi 8f8
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8f8 - Beautiful Imperfections - COLLECTION

Available from 3rd at Anthem

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Miss Daisy: Why so sad?

Mr. Broken: Because I'm broken.

Miss Daisy: I only see your hand being broken...

Mr. Broken: That is what I said.

Miss Daisy: No, you said You are broken.

Mr. Broken: It is the same thing!

Miss Daisy: Is it really? Can you walk?

Mr. Broken: I think so...

Miss Daisy: Can you use the other hand?

Mr. Broken: Yes...

Miss Daisy: Do you think you could do it if all of you were broken and not just your hand?

Mr. Broken: I see... But even so, my broken hand is still making me so sad. It hurts. I don't want to feel like that.

Miss Daisy: I believe you. And I understand. I would feel the same. You know, it's ok to feel sad. And hurt.

Mr. Broken: It doesn't feel ok to me! I want it to go away! I don't want to feel like that!

Miss Daisy: Me neither. But is not all bad, feeling hurt and sad sometimes.

Mr. Broken: Of course it is! Look at me! What good can it do anyway, being hurt and sad!

Miss Daisy: Well... you being sad brings tears to your eyes right?

Mr. Broken: Obviously!

Miss Daisy: Do you see that little puddle of your tears and this little patch of soil next to it?

Mr. Broken: Of course! I'm broken, not blind!

Miss Daisy: Exactly! Well... to point it out bluntly... your tears made it possible for me to grow and bloom. Now tell me, you think that is bad or good thing?

Mr. Broken: ... well... of course you are not a bad thing! You are so beautiful... that cannot be a bad thing. So... you mean my tears are for you like rain for flowers in the garden?

Miss Daisy: Yes! So you see, sadness can be good for something... like growth.

Mr. Broken: So what you are saying is I need to cry for you to grow?

Miss Daisy: hahaha... just a fair amount... there is such a thing as too much rain!

Mr. Broken: so just right amount than?

Miss Daisy: Balanced is my choice of word.

Mr. Broken: Balanced?

Miss Daisy: Well... sometimes we are sad. If we don't let it, we don't make space to learn what good can it do. And if we make space for it, we can grow from it.

For example, sometimes we have to say goodbye to something, like your hand, or someone and that makes us sad. If we don't let it, we hold on to that thing or person.

But if we let it, we can say goodbye and make space for something new to grow.

Mr. Broken: Does that mean I will grow a new hand?

Miss Daisy: I don't know! But perhaps think of it as you can grow something else.

Mr. Broken: Else? Instead of hand? Like what?

Miss Daisy: Hm... what about a friend? Someone you spend time with, talk when you feel sad and smile when something nice happens?

Mr. Broken: ... a friend? Would that mean I would feel less alone?

Miss Daisy: It might. A friend is a person who would hold your other hand when you would feel alone and scared. However only if you want it to. It is a matter of choice.

Mr. Broken: Choice?

Miss Daisy: Yes. You can stay here for example, hiding in the dark thinking you are broken afraid someone will see you as such.

Or you can accept only your hand is broken but you can still stand up and walk to the garden, see the sky and the sun and say hello to all my daisy friends.

Which one would you prefer for yourself?


Sometimes sad ocassions also serve for creative inspiration :)

I hope you will find a lovely home for both of them. <3


Always thank you for the support<3

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Uploaded on February 2, 2020