• rope cordons the street
  • no post-processing
  • the instruction is to keep the cordon tight so that traffic flow can be controlled.
  • i had to be one of these guys...its no joke being a human barricade...hahahaha..darn school requierments - manu_antigua


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Distinctly, I still can remember doing SERVICE at the mardi gras by manning the streets. Students do this all the time either as part of their cocurricular military or community training in year 1 and 2 in college. You man the streets by holding on a cordon of rope to keep the procession smooth: keep bystanders off the street and herd the procession-goers into a more manageable traffic flow. However, I am pleased that lnowadays, female students are now required the same service too. Now that is gender equality. In my time, only men get the "honor". A totally unenviable job.

at the Osmena Boulevard, Cebu City, Cebu, the Philippines

revisit the Sinulog 2006 fluvial and grand religious processions in colloidfarl.blogspot.com/

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  1. maybemaq 111 months ago | reply

    the shoes of the guys tell the "importance" of the service.

    btw, the shadow brings the hot weather there in phillipines. please send me a bit of the temperature :-P

  2. [2]rokbot[2]y 111 months ago | reply

    I've had my share of watching the streets during the Sinulog festivities. It was fun in one way however it's just that I'm glued to just one same spot, can't roam around to enjoy.

  3. k neva knows 111 months ago | reply

    are they wearing uniforms?

  4. Farl 111 months ago | reply

    Maq- yeah I wish I could email you the heat!

    Maning- when you're manning the streets (sorry about the pun), you are in the front row but totally uncool if the dancers just walk...

    Christy- oh, thanks!

    Krissy- yes, they are criminology students so they are wearing blue uniforms which resemble those of the local cops. other general population studes wear just jeans and shirts.

  5. adlaw 111 months ago | reply

    nakatawa ko sa manning the streets bisan pa korni kaayo. wahaha. :p

  6. Eric Setiawan 111 months ago | reply

    trying the "chop the upper body off" Farl? :) nice shadows there.

  7. Katri Niemi 111 months ago | reply

    Nice composition, Farl. And thanks for the informative descriptions, they're great!

  8. Farl 111 months ago | reply

    salamat all!

    Eric- you and the Indo gang are just so influential!

  9. moriza 111 months ago | reply

    Very informative, and you are kind enough to show the blue rope... completing the story!! As always I enjoyed your photos full with admirations.

  10. manu_antigua 111 months ago | reply

    hahahhahahahahahahhahaha!!! 1st year college nako last year. we were required to take up cwts. part of our requierment was to be the human barricade for the sinulog. nyahaha..if you saw some people from usc then i was one of them last year..now..haha im in an airconditioned room for sinulog..ahhhh perfect temperature..lol

  11. primarita 111 months ago | reply

    yes, finally! welcome to the headless gank! haha..

  12. kayodic 111 months ago | reply

    yeahh Farl.... we love headless photos huahuahauahua.....
    welcome to the club^^

  13. Farl 111 months ago | reply

    tita, ika- yeah, the contagion is afflicting me. LOL!

    manu- during my time, kapoy gyud. and I was in spots where the contingents were either just traipsing slowly or marching. duh!

  14. sadeghkhan 111 months ago | reply

    it remember militarism.

  15. Graniers 111 months ago | reply

    great tight uniforms... Interesting that you cut their heads off?


  16. Farl 111 months ago | reply

    sadegh- yes, the image does suggest military presence. and if you asked the pedestrian who would quarrel with the "guardians", they will tell you the same. but the crows really has to be controlled.

    Patrick- yep, it's more of imagery for me (pretiontious me- LOL!). there's something impersonal in the cordon that can be only be translated in headless photos. at least for me. (and now you can speak a bit of Filipino hehehehe).

  17. Budi Sukmana [deleted] 111 months ago | reply

    where's the head? :)

  18. jeridaking 100 months ago | reply

    ahhhh...I remember the rotc days....horrible but fun.
    nice shot sir....

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