Lets cheers Happy new year 2009

  • Megan Denty 5y

    Your picture was features here:


    Thanks for the great image!
  • abbaker578 PRO 5y

    I used this for a post about a wedding toast; it was just the image I was looking for! Thanks for sharing!
  • MamaRedSpeaks 5y

    I used your photo for my 1st blog post on Posterous about getting rid of guilt. Thanks!
  • Marjolein Vegers PRO 5y

    This beautiful shot was used in the new Photocrave.net photoblog Cheers on 2011. Thanks for sharing!
  • roryb31 5y

    Thank you for sharing your magnificent photo with us and for the Creative Commons license. Your photo is at www.aaronlanguage.com/weekly_English_topic/211_January2Su... as our topic of the week for ESL students. Your name is below the photo and links to our credits page at aaronlanguage.com/additionallinks/credits_10.html, which then links to your page here at Flickr. Thanks again! We appreciate the photo.
  • SEDeary 4y

    Great photo! Thank you for sharing it under the Creative Commons License.

    I've used it on my blog The Good Meal
    You are credited as the photographer and the link redirects to your Flickr profile. Please, let me know if this is OK or if you'd like it removed.

    Thanks again!
  • Rue89 PRO 3y

    We're a French news website called Rue89 (www.rue89.com) and are about to use this picture (with link and credit) to illustrate a story on our site, observing the Creative Commons conditions mentioned in this page.
    If you do not want us to reproduce your work on our site, just email us webmaster[at]rue89.com.
    Congratulations for this photo.
  • ruralsugar 3y

  • KristenO 3y

    I'm using this photo in a blog post on my site www.birthingbeautifulideas.com. Thanks for making it available in the creative commons!
  • c wells1 3y

    yes myself my husband had taken the grandchildren to dennys to eat on sunday and a couple saw us prayinf with them they bought us dinner and said u dont see families pray in public anymore . i have since divorced but God has put people in my life like this many times just this morn i was headed to work putting my last 10 in the tank to make another week i hope when a old resident at the apartments i work at put gas in my car . you never know i tank God for all my blessings and the wonderful people that aer here in amarillo tx.
  • porter2027 3y

    My husband and I were at a little Cuban restaurant just after christmas in Cape Coral Fl, and upon finishing our meal the waitress said that are bill was paid for. Apparently a man had eaten before us and paid for a young girl and her child. The young women than paid for ours.......As there were no other patrons in the restaurant when we were leaving we left a nice tip for the waitress. It made me warm all over and and renews my faith in the good that is out there. cheers Liz
  • ceceliamkimble 3y

    i quite often pay for strangers meals. my mom and i used to go out for lunch often when she was alive. now, when i am eating lunch by myself, i will look around the restaurant and if someone is having a bad day, or if a mom has her hands full, out of town people who have ran into trouble, a little old couple who may be on a fixed income, to name a few, i will ask the waitress for the bill and ask her to promise not to tell who has paid it, then i leave before the people have finished eating. i just miss my mom so much.
  • ceceliamkimble 3y

    i pay for strangers meals quite often. my mother and used to go to lunch when she was alive. sometimes when i am eating by myself, i think of her and how much i miss her so i look around the restaurant for someone who may be having a bad day, or a mom with her hands full, out of town people that have ran into trouble, to name a few, and i ask the waitress for the bill and make her promise not to let them know who paid it. then i leave before they are done eating. i just miss my mom so much.
  • debi52193 3y

    My husband and I saw the most adorable older couple one time when we went out to eat. They seemed so in love, it was so sweet, we bought their dinner that night!
  • auntiem12013 3y

    My cousin and I were at a restaurant when we noticed an elderly couple seated beside us .
    One of the servers went to their table, and served the elderly gentleman. My cousin noticed
    the woman sat quietly while the gentleman sat eating a burger. then sipped on his soft drink. My cousin felt bad , (believing they were on a fixed income and couldn't afford another order, so she went over to the elderly couple and offered to buy the woman a meal. The woman smiled and said Oh Honey, Thank you so much for your kind offer! But there's no need for that , she went on to say, You see we've been married now for 65 years and we vowed to share every thing 50/50! Than the elderly gentleman took his half eaten burger put it in his plate and slide it across the table to his wife, then took his cup half filled with the soft drink and handed it to her. My cousin came back and sat down , after a few minutes she noticed the woman just sitting there not eating . My cousin ask her if there was anything wrong? The elderly said,Oh no Honey! Everything is just fine! My cousin asked -- why aren't you eating? She replied , Honey i'm waiting on his teeth!!!!! KEEP SMILING !!!!!! HA HA
  • tweedbfly 3y

    my Daughter and I were in a fast food reassaurant on time, there was a table of highschool kids, all but one had orderead food. The one not eating had told her friends she 'was not hungry". I did not think this to be true. I went to the counter , ordered a meal and paid for it, adk the cashier to fill the order and take it to the table telling them someone had ordered and paid for it and driven off. The non eating girl took the food and ate with her friends. It left me with a warm feeling that she did not go hungry that night, my daughter saw the joy of what we had done. Then as a grown woman, my daughter came home from Florida one year for christmas. Her Florida coat was not warm enough for an Oklahoma christmas, so I loaned her one of my coats. We were out shopping and passed a "bell ringer" she reached into the coat pocket, pulled all the change out and deposited it in the kettel. Was I proud. Then it dawned on me, that was my coat, my change, my kid! What else could I expect.
  • ladypatriot 2y

    Back around 1985-87, I was at a laundromat in Anaheim, CA.. A man approached me and asked to use my laundry soap to wash his hands. He had a few small green apples which were in terrible condition he wanted to wash his hands to eat. I reacted in a startled way. I felt badly for the way I acted, as, I think he might have misunderstood it. I noticed he was asleep on a chair by the front windows. He was wearing torn, dirty, dusty clothing. His jacket was in bad shape--torn, and all. I had only a $5 bill and a $1 bill with me. I needed the $1 not the $5 dollars, so, I went over to him and carefully put the $5 bill under his leg. I then awakened him saying, "Sir, don't lose your money." He looked at it, got up quickly with the money, and went out. I think he went to the restaurant next door. I wish I not only could have done more, but, I felt terrible for appearing as I did to him. In 1989, it was my turn to go homeless. We are all so close to it---especially now...."There, but for the grace of God goeth I." Carry non-perishable food in your cars. Carry small blankets. Carry dog food. All these things are the least you can do for and when you see a homeless person or animal. We are all God's creations. Having gone hungry many times in my life, I would have loved and greatly appreciated having had someone pay for my meal at a nice restaurant.
  • Bonicular 2y

    My birthday is Christmas eve. One year me and my family were doing some last minute shopping and decided to go out to eat. It was my husband and I and our 3 children.
    I had noticed an older couple looking at us and I smiled back and thought nothing of it.
    At the end of our meal it took forever to get the check. This was strange because the waitress had been so attentive waiting on us. When she finally did bring us the check she aplogized and said I am sorry they made me wait until they left to give you this. Instead of the check she put a napkin on the table that said "Its a pleasure to see such well mannered children, Merry Christmas." They had paid for our meal and left me that note. That couple didn't know it was my birthday and one of my most special ever. I still have that note in my scrapbook. Thank You strangers you will never realize the joy you gave me that Christmas eve.
  • dancingqueen70 2y

    I am retired and everyday I go to a Starbucks close to where I live, to drink tea and read the newspapers. I like to buy cookies for the police officers who come in. They are so surprised and appreciative. It makes me feel good.
  • Daniel Gimbatschki 2y

    Thanks for releasing this beautiful photo under the Creative Commons License :) I've used it on my site about a New Year's Eve party ( www.musik-express-beelitz.de/silvester.php )
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Uploaded on January 13, 2009
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