• she'd just drunk from a puddle here!

Silly Dilly

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  1. patchworkgandalf 88 months ago | reply

    soggy moggy - awwwwwww

  2. Janet 59 88 months ago | reply

    LOL - has anyone else got rhyming comments to make?

  3. villy21 88 months ago | reply

    Lol , not good at rhyming so early in the morning
    silly Dilly ;O)

  4. Mrs. Jilly Leitner (Sorry not around so much) 88 months ago | reply

    You know I've been racking my brain and i just can't come up with one...

  5. Tabbi Kat 88 months ago | reply

    Well, it doesn't apply to Dilly, of course, but the fat cat sat...

  6. tarty93 88 months ago | reply

    Hello, Dilly!! There was a much better looking puddle over
    to your left! I guess the one you drank from was more dainty,

  7. 2-Dog-Farm 88 months ago | reply

    all I can come up with is: I'm singing in the rain.........
    but it's more of a song than a rhyme...
    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

  8. Janet 59 88 months ago | reply

    LOL - thanks everybody :)) I didn't really mean it!
    Tabbi - fat cat sat seems very appropriate for her in this photo!
    tarty93: she had to chooose the muddiest one going! It was very small.

  9. pesotum74 88 months ago | reply

    I hope you wiped Dilly's feet off for her when she came in.

  10. Janet 59 88 months ago | reply

    Oh yes Ted! And her tummy and back and head ...

  11. edgarandron 88 months ago | reply

    Well, this seems rather obvious, but how about wet pet? In the 1950s we (my parents & I) had an orange tabby that *liked* to play in the rain.


  12. WahineTahi 88 months ago | reply

    Not a rhyme, but a pun....... Least shes got her backup !....... lovely Dilly, brave Dilly, I wouldn't want to be out in the rain :)

  13. patchworkgandalf 88 months ago | reply

    purry furry (sorry)

  14. Janet 59 88 months ago | reply

    Edgar and beeble - wet pet works for Dilly - she always goes out whatever the weather!
    Thanks WahineTahi :))
    patchwork - thanks for making me laugh on yet another soggy day!

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