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Ork turn 2 has rapid movement on the trukks | by jon_a_ross
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Ork turn 2 has rapid movement on the trukks

1500 point battle report of necrons vs Orks, quarters deployment, capture and control objective.


Battle report here




The necrons awoke, the first day in over a hundred thousand days of rest. A life force had landed upon their planet home, spreading itself thickly over everything. This force was not just alive, but engineered to spread throughout the galaxy.


Exactly opposite to the directives of the necron people.


Already the ork fungus had spread across the planet. A large population of ork life forms had sprung up. They had even cannibalized the wreckage of the vessel that had brought them here for parts. Six metal walkers, several trukks and bikes helped propel the orks from their initial starting point across the landmass.


Ahead of them their fungal growth spread, making sure that where ever the orks turned up they would find food and drunk aplenty. The necrons stirred awake. Their overmind controller cursed once again at the lack of any updates for their rules in the face of the fifth edition.


The ork fuel was not as common as the rest of their materials, a fact known to the orks. They carefully gathered it up in containers. The necrons piled up the heads of the ork scouts, information which would let the ork commander know which way was safe to travel and which the necrons controlled in force.


(1500 point Orks vs. Necrons Spearhead deployment Capture and Control mission)


The necrons deployed one of their monoliths and two groups of destroyers to flush out the orks in the valley here. Two warrior groups of necrons would protect both the necron lord as well as support the push from the necron vehicles. A small swarm of scarabs would actually be the ones to get behind the ork line and cause trouble.


To that end the heavy destroyer and the necron lord with his escort took the hill overlooking the plains. The second necron warrior group deployed forward with the plan to fall back if required but otherwise pick off those that survived the destroyers attack. The two groups of destroyers were planning to snipe out the ork vehicles first and then fall back and quickly finish off the ork troops on foot.


The orks themselves pushed through the small ruined town of ages past on trukks and bikes, while their armoured walkers were mostly up front. The ork warboss and his truck were behind the horde of ork foot troops in the middle. The orks were expecting to take some heavy fire turn one and then just let out all the gas and charge.


(turn 1)

The necrons go into their plan of using the destroyers to slow down the ork push. The monolith is out of range (didn’t check the range on it until after deployment) and the destroyers miss far more then they hit. For a first turn it wasn’t a good start and the game goes down hill for the necrons.


The orks launch themselves forward. The huge horde of troops leading that push. The ork slugga boys fire their rokkets into the closest destroyers, as do the orks on the trukks and the ork lootas on the hill. The four innocent little destroyers are wiped out under the fire. (Dave’s ork rokkets hit more then 50% of the time, regardless of the ork low BS)


Then the walkers and even the ork bikes turn on the second destroyer group, wiping it out to a man as well. The necrons are down eight models, two whole units and their plan is already in trouble.


(turn 2)

The necrons stay their ground and attempt to fire at the incoming orks. But given the ranges involved most of the necrons do not have targets and the monolith shot goes wide.


The orks however have a plan. They whip their two trukks around the forest seeking to encircle the necrons. The rest of the ork horde pushes forward as fast as they can as well. Only a few necrons fall this turn, to long range rokkets bouncing off innocent necrons. But the ork encircle plan is well underway.


(turn 3)

The necrons attempt to hold their ground and drive back the orks, but their weapons seem to have suffered in the accuracy department after years of service. Five hits out of twenty shots seems a bit below average. But the ork horde keeps on approaching.


The orks keep their encircle plan going, having unit after unit approach the tight huddle of the necrons. The ork trukk closest to the necrons on the hill has it’s boys leap out and assault the necron warriors. The second trukk snipes at the necron heavy destroyer on the hill. The ork bikers assault the other necron warrior squad, while the monolith is assaulted by killer kans.


None of the combats are decisive, but the necrons know the game is all but over.


(turn 4)

The necron scarab swarm arrived last turn, but as the rest of the necrons are currently locked in close combat they get no fanfare. The necron monolith can fix some of that, and the necron lord and his escort are summoned away from close combat. The scarabs then rush towards the ork lootas at the ork objective. More for revenge for the necron destroyers then any belief it will make a difference.


The necron warriors summoned by the monolith attempt to use their guns to stop the killer kans. But only one killer kan goes down, while the necrons battling the bikers survive for another round.


On the ork turn 4 the orks will push in further. And for the last time. The killer kans by the monolith will take advantage of the fact the necron lord and his escort failed to slow them down and will crush most of them. The necrons battling the ork bikers will find themselves being swarmed by orks off another trukk. The scarabs will battle the lootas but both are still there at the end of the turn.


(turn 5)

The necrons cannot make enough ‘we’ll be back’ rolls to stay in the game, even if all that were available were successful. Necrons phase out, giving orks the field and the game.



This also adds yet another army under Dave's impressive kill list for this ork army.

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Taken on March 5, 2010