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Marines moving down in the west as well | by jon_a_ross
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Marines moving down in the west as well

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Space Hulk was played, with each player having a turn at controlling the marines or controlling the genestealers. The first time we played we used mission one, so this one was mission two: Exterminate. For this mission the five marines were the second unit, one assault cannon marine, one thunder hammer and storm shield, one chainfist and storm bolter with the last two marines being storm bolters and powerfists. The genestealers have 18 blip tokens totaling 36 genestealers, they get their blips randomly two at a time and are not allowed to lurk. Because they are not allowed to lurk you can position a marine within six of an entry point and the genestealers will not be allowed to deploy a blip there.


The second game had myself in control of the marines. I saw the success that Dave’s plan had almost achieved and thought I could recreate it, or at least the first part about securing the western entrance.


To that end I had two marines race down that corridor, while my other three marines attempted to move in on the eastern location. Dave had successfully kept my genestealers pinned in the east by using the assault cannon marine. I wanted to instead use the assault cannon to sweep the genestealers out of the way and instead hold the passage with the thunder hammer marine.

There was some logic to the plan, as the thunder hammer marine basically is rolling d6+2 vs 2d6 when fighting the genestealers. If I put him on guard he is able to get a re-roll. To my way of thinking the lowest he could get was 3, already equal to or better then half either dice the genestealer would get. So the thunder hammer would guard the assault cannon marine’s back as he worked his way through the ship.


What ended up happening was the first genestealer that attacked the thunder hammer marine scored a six to my four (three on reroll) and quickly took out the assault marine as well.


In the west the attack wasn’t going well either. The two marines I had rushing to the entranceway found that they were quickly being outnumbered and instead opted to retreat back to a defensible position rather then push forward. This mean both the marines looking down long corridors so they could get their overwatch shots.


The genestealers kept pushing forward, growing in number. And the genestealers were able to just flow from both directions with only a single marine still active in the east.

The marines decided they needed to regroup and began to slowly work their way carefully back to the east.


This meant the length of the corridors they could see down shrunk, and the genestealers were quick to close the doors behind them. The closed doors allowed the blips to conceal their numbers as well as continue the push without fear of sniping attacks. This plan worked well for the genestealers, and it allowed them to jump and wipe out both marines before they crossed the half way marker.


In the east the one marine that was left had retreated to the room he started in. From there he had taken turns shooting down either corridor out of the room, trying to keep the genestealers from getting to him. It is also from there he found the lucky horseshoe.


The marine was able to keep moving back and forth from each corridor and take his single shot (for turning usually) and score that all important six to kill off a genestealer who was closing in on him. At the point the other two marines fell the genestealers were down to four blips and three models…


From that point surviving marine would kill at least eight genestealers himself, and throughout the game he most likely scored half the kills himself. It was pure luck that he survived, as even his final shot was just enough to kill the final genestealer ripping towards his face… storm bolter jammed on double fives.

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Taken on February 15, 2010