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The middle squad will come under a great deal of fire | by jon_a_ross
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The middle squad will come under a great deal of fire

Warhammer 40K battle report: Necrons vs. Imperial Guard.

1700 points, Pitched battle deployment, Capture and Control mission.


Necrons deploy first and in two groups. One group is all destroyers, with a necron destroyer lord leading with his Res Orb and War scythe. Supporting him are two groups of 4 destroyers and one heavy destroyer. They are deployed in the west, opposite the imperial guard objective.


The second group of necrons is lead by one necron lord commanding a 15 man warrior squad. They are deployed next to the necron objective, with two groups of 11 warriors flanking on either side. All the warriors are deployed into cover, as the guard hadn’t revealed their full list yet.


The imperial guard deploy along the length of the table. In the middle three Chimera are deployed, their contents yet unknown. To their east one platoon with platoon commander gets deployed. To the west, the company commander and three heavy weapon teams with two squads are deployed to hold the objective. The final unit of the guard to deploy is some snipers into a fallen temple in the middle of the map.


(turn 1)

The necrons get their first turn, and follow the same plan that their fantasy brothers would do. The cavalry rushes towards the objective. The chariot sized destroyers and heavy destroyer blast into the guardsmen in front of them. With their strength 6 guns the heavy weapon teams are just being killed outright. The necron wave has hopes to just roll over the guard on this flank.


The other half of the necrons digs in, moving to hold the difficult terrain and cover around their objective. The necron lord on foot is able to direct his squad into shooting at the guard, but they fail to kill anything.


The guard roll forward with their chimeras. The three in the middle will spill out towards the eastern necrons and their objective. The foot troops on that side begin to advance forward as well, hoping to bottle up and overwhelm the necrons.


The necron foot troops take heavy fire, losing at least five models on that side. All but one of which will get up on the necron turn. The destroyer side isn’t as lucky. Three destroyers will fall and not get back up.


(turn 2)

The necron monolith fails to turn up to help stall the advance in the east. Unconcerned the necron warriors turn their attention to the chimera’s advancing. Each group of warriors picks a single chimera to attack, and each in turn fails to kill the chimera outright. One gets an immobilized result as well as a stunned, while another is shaken. The third is unharmed. Not a good position as all three will be able to unload both their cargo as well as weapons fire into the necrons.


The necron destroyer wave has much better luck. Between the two destroyer squads two groups of heavy weapon teams are lost. The heavy destroyer fails to get anything, while the necron destroyer lord will charge into the close imperial guard squad, slaying it completely and regroup back with the rest of the destroyers, ready to help them with his res orb.


The imperial guard in the west are down to one foot squad and one company command squad. The company commander leads his men down to the bunker. The snipers and one surviving sentinel will move to assist.


In the east, however, the imperials are much better off. The three transports will all unload their cargo this turn. Only one is immobilized, so the other two will roll to either side of the hill. Two units of storm troopers and one unit of Ogryn get out of their transports and push on to the necron position. Two foot squads, one platoon command squad and a heavy weapons team will also pour what fire they can into the necrons. The primaris psyker who is commanding this flank will also throw his power against the necrons.


One necron squad will be reduced to three warriors standing, while another will take heavy fire and drop six warriors. All together the imperial firing will take down 16 necron warriors. Two necron destroyers will also die, as will the necron heavy destroyer.


(turn 3)

This turn goes well for the necrons. Not only do most of their fallen warriors get back up again, but the necron monolith arrives on target. The monolith appears behind the chimera dropped storm troopers, and next to the advancing infantry wave of the guard. From that position it’s arc gauss cannons will be able to pick off a large number of the guard. As well as have a faint chance of damaging the transports.


The destroyers in the west will have some restored, leaving them with four destroyers in two squads, one heavy destroyer and the necron lord. With that they hope to eliminate the company commander, as well as the last infantry squad over there.


Shooting goes well for the necrons. Between the monolith and the squads, we have all but two ogryn killed, one storm trooper squad reduced to four and the infantry squads hurting. One sentinel is even taken out by a lucky shot. The destroyers fail to do much against the commander however, and the necron lord will get tied up in close combat this time against the infantry squad.


The imperial guard have to stay committed to their push, regardless of losses. To that end the four storm troopers and the ogryn move up to assault the necron lord and his squad. Behind them the infantry squads will move to blast the necron warriors out of their hole. The snipers will face down the one destroyer that was tasked with wiping them out, and the company commander will move to dance with the destroyers shooting at him.


Like last time, a number of necrons will fall. The guard shooting is highly successful. The necron lord and his squad come under heavy fire, but stand that well. Then the ogryn charge into the lord, winning the close combat and having the necrons break. The ogryn will fail to catch the necron lord, but the flee distance of the lord is enough to get them off the table. The other necron lord will stay pinned in close combat this turn as well.


(turn 4)

Things are now in trouble for the necrons. The attacking guardsmen are few remaining alive, but they still have a punch. The chimeras are still all able to fire (outside a shaken result) and the imperial guard have a number of units (hurt, sure but still able to score) moving on the necron objective.


The necron destroyers fire into the company command squad, but they survive. The necron heavy destroyer doesn’t blow up a chimera. The snipers don’t break under fire. The necrons are able to break the remains of two imperial guard squads. But the chimeras are still active and dangerous.


Guard turn four goes ahead, and the desperate guard have a plan. One of the chimeras, unable to fire, rolls straight ahead into the necron warrior squad so far unharmed. One of the necrons stands up in the rough terrain and readies his gun to fire. The rough terrain doesn’t stop the tank, the necron glance fails to stop it. The necron warrior falls under the tank tracks. The rest have to make a simple leadership test. They fail. They flee off the table.


After that the rest of the guard turn is really just for show. Some guard, mostly chimeras and sentinels, will fire into the remaining warriors. The company commander will charge the destroyers, smashing both of them down with his power fist.


(turn 5)

Necrons phase out, the battle goes to the guard.

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Taken on January 29, 2010